New Player Quick Ease Guide [2018 Guide Contest]

- -warp command
Type in –warp 1-10 command can help you teleport to most of the important places.

-warp 1 for jewelry’s (upgrade , and Solvents)
-warp 2 Silver Knight Town where most players hang out at. Pandora’s Box and Einhasad’s Box can be crafted here.
-warp 3 Buy instance tickets with vitality coin for speedy level up.
-warp 4 teleport to Fire Valley for new player
-warp 5 Ivory Tower 3 floor to craft Reaper Tier item and Ivory tower instance
-warp 6 Hunt Orc for Key of Forest to craft Pandora’s Box for (Tier Up item)
-warp 7 one of the place you need to go for Tier 5 skills quest.
-warp 8 Major area for new players – Curse Merchant, Blazing Swamp and Imperial Tomb teleport Scroll, Craft Soul and Spirit Shots, Dragon Juice, Counter Magic Scrolls are very important to new players, new player gear crafting materials drop outside the village, major gear for new player can be crafted here and Pagan’s temple to hunt Pagan’s mark and learn reapers skill at the very far left.
-warp 9 Reaper’s Buff quest (L1.5 Guide - Custom Spells & Skills - YouTube)
-warp 10 New player gear crafting materials

- Earn Adena & Gift Coin
Sky Tickets/Sky Magic Fluids/Arrow Summoning Ash from Sky Castle are rare but valuable, Ultra Elixirs, Soul Enchantment Scroll: Armor from Instance, different types of drag scales and other rare materials for Tier up quest, these items worth some Gift Coin to start.

Adena Pouch from Pandora will give you Adena, there are 6 mobs in Christmas land Instance, each will give you around half a million adena.

- Wish to buy AH system (not available yet)
The new “Wish To Buy” AH system will provide information of what is popular for sale.

- Daily Instances & refresh time
Codex of time is the best thing you can spend with GC, it gives you access to all Instances, you will need it daily leveling up, refresh time are 12AM Central Time. Once you are Tier 1 65lv, you should be able to do a lot of instances in easy mode, instances can help you level up extremely fast. One of the best instances for new players are - -warp 3 > vitality preistess > weddings / lucky / v4 party. There are a lot of other instances you can do too.

Read this once you turn Tier 3 (Preparation for T5)

- Votes
Votes are very important for all players, it gives you Ancient Coin so you can use –cdk, -braves, -poly ,etc…

- Commands

- Pandora Jewelry Box
You get 3 free play daily, need these materials to upgrade your jewelrys.

- Get Doll Coins & summon materials
You can sell your items on AH to get Doll coins or trade dolls for Doll Coins at South West of Aden Town NPC, you will need it for summon POWER doll. To summon regular MAGIC dolls like Princess, bug bear, you will need to use Crystal to summon. You can buy solvent at Warp 8 ,Potions, spell book / dark spirit crystal, or some old school gear are solventable to get Crystal

- Vitality rewards for instances resets
-warp 3 > Vitality Priestess, an NPC for you to spend your Vitality coin to get instance pass. Some Instance passes are tradeable.

- Fastest way to get Reapers buff
If you watched the Reaper’s buff video, you should know you need to level up Elven Bow and Ritual Dagger to Soul level 10. The fastest way to level it up , will be going –warp 2> buy Christmas land tele scroll > stay for 5 mins to get a SXP boost buff > talk to Namintra > Choose Extreme (do not choose others) > remove all other soul items as they share SXP> equip the quest weapon > finish the quest. If you have codex of time, you can access to Christmas Land immediately.

- Daily boss
There are a few good boss for new players to get materials, South East of –warp 8, Blazing Swamp, Imperial Tomb 4th floor, Thriving Dungeon 3rd Floor (Silver Knight Cave)

- Leveling up
Try not to struggle with gears at early game, as long as you got a nice weapon, should aim to tier 4 asap.
Once you are lv 65, you should be able to do a lot of instances, instances can help you level up extremely fast.

- Gears
Aim to get +dmg% stacks and incoming dmg reduction gears. There are a few good low grade items that gives decent amount of dmg% stacks which are affordable for new players. Cloak of Warrior – A , Cloak of Magic – A, Captain guarder,etc…

- Deleveling
Its not easy to get 6 fluid of Gods Constitution, no need to wait til CON 31 to keep leveling up, just Tier up at level 100.

- Fafurion blood
You will not be able to find any Fafurion blood or scale on the floor at Fafu lair, the easiest way to get is killing normal fafurion.

- Spirit Shots & Soul Shots
Spirit Shots and Soul Shots are very important in game, it increases tons of your damage. But for example, if you using B Grade Melee Weapon, only B grade Soul Shots would work on hit, other grade shots will not work. Spirit shots works with Magic spells.

- Useful Items for beginners from Gift Shop
The old school Bone Set gear with Nightmare Essence Potion will boost this set to like S80 Grade gear for an hour.

This also applies to some other + gear in game

- Blacksmith of Mammon location
There are two blacksmith called Mammon, do not get confused. Blacksmith of Mammon are located at Imperial Tomb very far right on 4th Floor to craft S grade gears. Mammon’s Armor Smith and Mammon’s Jewelry located at Heine.

- 31 all stats:
Lot of new players do not realize there are a few useful videos on Youtube, here is the link for how to level up 31 all stats. L1.5 - 31 All Stats - YouTube

- How to get Tier 5 skills
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- GC Smart Spending Guide
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- How to get Tier 5 Quest item “Charged Destiny”
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