New to mage, could use help

Hi all, sorry for another question. I had never played a mage in Lineage, but had always wanted too and it’s been 10years since I have even played the game at all. So I am going to give it a try here. So for my question, once I hit 51 and Bgrade, how do I go about starting to level? What weapon and spells do you recommend for starting off? Any other tips and tricks the pros can give me would be great also.
Thanks again!

It’s been quite a while but I think you should be hunting southern part of -warp 8 to area where Kleo’s and Sach’ are. If you have decent mp regen gear, or use X-potion lites you can herd mobs and use blizzard or meteor to kill them off. Your staff should provide decent int/wis and mp steal. If you can’t keep mp up using X-pot then your staff becomes very important to steal mp from Sach’s to be able to keep herding.

Another area is Blazing Swamp, you buy tele from NPC in shop at -warp 8. There are 2 floors with the 2nd floor being harder but giving much better exp. Again, a mage wold use area attacks and steal mp as needed. There are mops there that cast silence so you need to be able to counter it.

If you get event gear you should be able to do very well in those areas once you get us to hunting them.

Vampiric touch has been buffed on this server such that it’s the highest damage single target spell until you become t5 (very far away goal) and it also gives you life back so you will not have to chug pots constantly, downside is the mana cost has been upped significantly (about 50 per cast) but it’s well worth it once you can sustain the cost, also since it’s a chaotic spell you will lose lawful for using it and then will be able to drop items on death so you will have to be careful about that.

For AoE spells you should use firestorm for close range, meteor strike for long range and blizzard for full screen damage (blizzard does the least so it’s best not to use this until you have high damage output). Some areas have AoE disabled as it’s deemed unfair to other players or overpowered so keep that in mind (underground/nightmare land etc), if you try to use an AoE spell and it only hits 1 mob then it’s disabled there.

With the halloween event enabled you will want to go about acquiring the basic event gear (skull helmet/bone armor/bone shield etc), some players will have excess of these so could probably hook you up with some. These gears are superbuffed in the event period (usually +10 all stats or higher aswell as increases to hp/mp/dr etc), for reference if you look up ‘+’ in the library you can see all of the gears that are buffed with the event (excluding dragon weapons they are separate).

As for a weapon it is extremely beneficial to get a pumpkin sword or hyrulian master sword, they are also buffed by the event but give a stat that is exclusive to these event weapons and X grade staves called magical critical rating, deceptive name since magic doesn’t crit but essentially it will give you a massive boost in damage (increased dice rolls for the damage calculation I believe) and will be far better than anything else you can get.

If you are willing to spend money then you should definitely get the transmaterial costume, it is best in slot for mage by far and you will breeze through content with it

Once you have these items you should be safe enough to be able to take on Imperial tombs 4th floor (careful walking there as some mobs can silence you so make sure to bring cure poison potions) with immune on and AoE the mobs there (firestorm if your damage is low and blizzard once you get higher damage). Personally I would stick there until Tier 2 and after that see if you can handle thebes temple until Tier 3. Tier 3 and above you will want to hunt exclusively in underground 2nd floor as it’s the best experience in the game outside of event instances.

Hope this helps and sorry for wall of text, feel free to contact LittleNublet in game and i’ll give you what info I have cheers

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Thank you guys so much for the information, really helps out a lot! I noticed that I am running out of mana very fast, is there a weapon that will help with that? Also before I get the pumpkin sword, what weapon should I be using for b grade? I see that there is one b grade staff, but it looks like a regen staff, and not a combat staff.

Thanks again!!

Go to website click community tab then pandora.

Click it 3 times a day to get up to 3 free jewels.

Those jewels can be equipped if you are wearing a brooch. Everyone starts with beginner. That holds 1 jewel. There is another in -warp 1 pandora npc that holds 2 jewel. And others that cost more that hold 5.

Those jewels all have special properties and the aquamarine one when you equip it makes your weapon steal mana from monsters. That’s your easiest option to regen and get mana for now.

There are some guides in the forums here that go in to more depth about hunting zones and jewels and gears. I’ll try dig them up and post it after this.

All of the event items are NG (No grade) so you can wear them at any level