New to server....have few questions

New to server and have a few questions lol.

  1. Why can’t you use bow/arrow in cdk poly? Bow’s are way weaker overall then swords (unless I am missing something).

  2. Since as a elf, you are forced to go malee…why can they not use the heavy blue set lvl 51

  3. Been hunting FV…where should I go at lvl 51 to hunt?

  1. Why can’t you use bow/arrow in cdk poly?

As you get higher in level there are much better morphs for bows. The level 80 bow morph rocks. Plus you can use super braves, which you can’t use in cdk, when fighting bosses or PvP. You can use an ancient opal in one of the sockets of a broach, or other item that can equip jewels, to lower your level requirements. Also, as you tier up you get a reduction in lvl requirement for equipment. You can search the forums to find the lvl reductions.

  1. Bow’s are way weaker overall then swords (unless I am missing something).

I’m a T5 mage but my sub class is an elf. Even though I don’t have the stats for an elf (I’m max’ing out Int & wis B4 I do dex) I can do decent damage with a bow using the lvl 80 morph.

  1. Since as a elf, you are forced to go malee…why can they not use the heavy blue set lvl 51
    Been hunting FV…where should I go at lvl 51 to hunt?

Forget about what you know from lvl’ing on DEP/LOA type servers. This server is totally unique and offers many other areas to hunt and gain much better exp. It’s been quite a while for me but I think you should be gearing up to hunt -warp 8 to the south. Use typical bow hunting strategy and you should do just fine. If you need help getting gear contact me (Sooleawa) in game. I’m usually on early mornings (4-6 AM eastern time) but I check my messages when I get home from work. If I’m not totally burnt out I’ whis you and try to help.

On a side note, you should be using one of the custom bows. I have a soul bow (A) that I can give you, however, you should use soul shots to give 50% more damage. A shots are sometimes left on the ground since most players don’t need them any more. Another option would be a no grade (NG) bow. I never really tried to get one since I had better bows by the time I went T5.

If you need shots, the best place to get them is the event incidences (no sure of spelling). Right now the Leprecaun Hunt & Ninja vs Alien are active (2nd page of codex of time) and soul/spirit shots drop for grades B, A, S, S80 & X weapons. Or, you can buy them at -warp nine (go straight up and first NPC to the right).

Hope this helps.

You can use bows with -cdk; however, Zajako made bows weaker while in -cdk mode. It is more beneficial to hunt in bow morph. Like Breeze said, you can’t apply much of the ideas from DEP/LOA/KEN servers, as this server is very different.

My first advice to you is to at least try and get a Topaz jewel and an Opal jewel. The Topaz will steal HP and the Opal decreases level requirement of armor/wep/accessories (like Breeze said).

If you are initial tier elf, I’d suggest hunting the -warp 8 south beach. It’s a safe zone and decent EXP until you are eligible to go to Reaper at or after level 100. Hunt with Princess dolls to help boost EXP.

This server also runs on donations. Donations give you Gift Coins that can be used in the online Auction House or to buy from folks in game. Right now, items are quite cheap in AH, so it is a good time to pick up some good equipment.

Once you hit level 65, you can begin running the dailies. There are 3 in Ivory Tower, then there are event ones available like Breeze mentioned. Those will give you a lot of EXP for a short hunt.

As always, take a look at the online guide. Although out of date, still there is some good information. Feel free to ask for help while online.

Best place to start gathering up (B) gear? Still not sure where to hunt, just hit 50 and tired of fv lmao. Will do more research.

People don’t use (B) gear much, so if you ask folks, they may give it to you. You can buy it from Jeremiah, just north of the storage dwarf at -warp 8; however, it is a bit pricey.

Just ask folks if they have extra (B) gear you can borrow.

What do they use then at lvl 51?

A lot of people use high gears because of Opal, which reduces level requirements, or Bunny Sets which are No-Grade (any level).

ah gotcha…still no where near that stuff either lmao. Thank ya~

I am a water elf as well when I start this server.
I will say start with B grade gear and hunt at the -warp 8.
Once you get to lv 61, get A grade gears. lv75 with S grade gears.
You can get Grade A and S pretty easy, either from players or Auction House. The sealed ones are pretty cheap there, and you can unseal yourself.

For Tier-1 elf, I think jewelry Aquamarine and Topaz are must have: one steals mp and one steals hp. By stealing mp, you can heal yourself without worrying having low mp. You can pretty much heal constantly. Also, use triple shots since you would have extra mp to use :wink:

I stayed at -warp 8 until ~lv70 I think.
Also, Sky Castle is great place to get exp for tier 1. You get one free hour daily.
TOI (floor 4x above) and Thebe are all good places for Tier 1.
Like the others say, do your daily instances (really recommend you get a Codex which is 200gc. It’s a must have for everyone)

If you need some help for elf grade A gears. Wis me in game, Dumbobo

Wish you luck! Have fun!

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I am currently fire due to going malee with cdk…should i be water and using a bow poly?

I would still go with water because of the healing, and use bow poly with triple shot.
You can still use bow with the cdk, but just can’t use triple shots

Holy mother…water is so much better lmao~ As is aqua gem

yea it’s so much useful, and since you will get to acquire the reaper buff once you get to reaper. The reaper buff contains the elf fire buff too.
Aqua gem is really useful at lower tier. I switch mine to something else when I got the Zaj bow, which has the mana steal already.

Ok, soul weapons…how do you lvl them up? And can you use reg arrows with them or just soul shots?

Once you equip the soul weapon and hunt the mops, then you should start gaining soul exp.
Mops from many places provide sxp, TOI, Thebes, Sky Castle, daily instances…etc, they all provide sxp.
Pretty much most of the hunting places provide it.

Yes, you use regular arrows with soul weapon.
For the soul shots, you just double click it and it will turn on.
Remember to use the grade accordingly, for example, NG grade soul shot for NG weapon, and B soul shots for B grade weapon, so on so for.

Not everywhere gives soul exp (SXP). You will see in the chat box if the item is gaining sxp while hunting. For instance, -warp 8 beach does not give sxp; however TOI does.

Check your soul weapons stats in the library. Some bow do not need arrows after a certain level. They gain magical arrows so you don’t have to buy and carry your own. As said before, always, always, always use Soul Shots and if elf using triple or mage using spells, use Spirit Shots at the same time. Triple and any other magical attack use Spirit Shots.

Hope that helps!

How do you see how much damage a soul weapon does? Just by looking at it’s base and then +damage…they dont look good, so I take it that I am missing something lol.

Also, where do I check to see what the magic that they do…is and/or does.

Two ways, you can use the -debug command to see dmg and crit dmg, or you can get someone to summon a training dummy in town. (it’s a doll) The training dummy will show dps and accumulative dmg.

Plus the soul weapons that level increase in dmg/hit and other bonus as they increase in their levels.

How do I get dolls…I totally forget how and can’t find it on the site info.

and what are happy buff packages? lol