Newbie Zone Patches and more!

This restart is focused on changes to help make the game a smoother start for new players.

Please try to create a new character and test the zone and let me know any issues or suggestions to make it better with a reply to this topic on the boards (Click here to get to the boards)

Starter Town Changes
When dying you start in the starter town zone instead of skt

The shop that sells potions has been re-arranged to make it easier to find items

Magic damage from all monsters with spells has been greatly reduced

New characters will start with 3 Starter Jewel Boxes that give a random Lv1 jewel

Bosses in starter town have more hp, but no longer regenerate their hp

Spawn counts for the starter town have been reduced by nearly half

Simply being in the starter town map regenerates hp and mp each tick

New characters will start in the new starter town which was formerly known as -betanoob

Many monsters have decreased stats

Adena drops added to all starter town mobs

Drop rates all greatly increased for most monsters (more will be updated with next restart)

New Zone Boost Controller system will now give crack morphs and gm buffs to players in starter town every 10 minutes

Solvent Changes
Advanced Jewelry Solvent is renamed to Jewelry Solvent

The price of Jewelry Solvent is reduced to 300k+ tax

New Potent Jewelry Solvent is released which gives double the dusts of Jewelry Solvent. It costs 1mil + taxes

Donation Changes
When donating instead of the donation buff being triggered right away, it instead delivers a happy buff package to your character to allow you to trigger the donation buff when you are ready to grind. This will prevent people from waiting to donate until they are ready to hunt, allowing them to donate when they need the gc then enjoy the happy buff when they are ready to hunt.

Bug Fixes
Legnedary Zaj Guarder now correctly adds 15% magic damage.


I l8ke it just by reading it! I gotta test it