Nidrah the Energy Merchant

Yesterday’s restart brought the npc that allows you to spend your super valuable hard-earned energy that has been stored in those High Density Energy Stones. It also has made obtaining these charges a bit easier.

New Npc
His name is Nidrah and he is located near the large tree in Silveria (the illusionist homeworld). Currently you can get elixir tokens and Charged Destiny from him. Both require your HDES to be on the 3rd stage and take charges(levels) from this stone. Elixir tokens cost 300 charges and the Charged Destiny costs 3000 charges. While the cost of these seem steep, keep in mind there will be other ways to obtain energy in the future. Though to do the quests now, you will certainly have the advantages of being able to be one of the firsts to get T5.

Charged Destiny?
This is the final item required to become T5. It will be used in a quest that will be finishable within a reasonable amount of time(less than one day), when the T5 option is finally ready for release. By obtaining this item, you are showing me that the server is ready for this option to be finished. My goal is to finish out the quest and initial stages of being T5 before summer. This is the key item for it. Once obtained, you are “ready” for T5. It will not be a chanced based thing where this item has a chance to fail.

Changes to the Underworld
All normal spawns in the underworld have had their health reduced to 1/3rd the value that they had before. This should make the underworld a much friendlier place to hunt for T3+, as well as making the rewards a bit more worth it. Quest mobs for the underworld have their health reduced even further some of them being as low as 1/5th the hp they had, further encouraging players to kill all of the mobs so that the timer goes much faster.

Other Changes
The Additional Item icon located in your inventory window next to the trash bin now is a shortcut button to your Pouch storage as long as you have a pouch equipped. This will allow you to quickly open your pouch rather than having to search your inventory for it or take up one of your valuable hotkey slots.

Bug Fixes
The X claws had their AOE damage fixed

Pot of Gold chests no longer get additional items added to them when the Instance Chests spawn.

Awesome news. Looks like your server is headed in the right direction and allowing the players to help give you ideas in fine tuning our player experience. I see nothing but further success on the horizon.