No NPCs or Players on Login

Hoping that someone can help me out. I just attempted to come back to L1.5 and had to install the game. After doing so, I am able to log in some of the time and other times when I click to log in, it just hangs. Also when I AM able to log in, there are no NPCs or other players and the only things i’m able to do is walk around and open menus. I can’t do anything else and I can’t see anyone or any NPCs. Ideas?

server is bugged as shit right now im stuck too in SKT

Good to know i’m not the only one having issues, but total bummer that I can’t play tonight.

completely ruined my day to level oh well. this server is more buggy by the day I cant even.

First time I’ve seen this happen, but yeah still sucks since I was about to do my dailies. Knew I should do them sooner haha

its never locked up this bad but it has been giving constant 5min lockouts and working again shortly after then random DC’s for everyone in my bp. Also my dailies are screwed too :stuck_out_tongue:

This issue is now fixed so I’m archiving the post