Noob question again, what is current chip buff?

What is that buff and how can I get it in game?

There’s one item from previous event called L1.5-5 year chip. Double click it will let you have the buff of the day. It’s not on sale from GC vendor now but you can still find few form AH.

Otherwise, you can get lesser chip from GC vendor which is a consumable item to aquire that buff.

Ah, I missed out. Should’ve joined earlier. Now I have to wait a year for the event. Any idea where can I get spell book blizzard reasonable easy? I was thinking of solo in any cave with that spell.

Actually not sure if this item will come up in GC vendor again since it’s soo good lol. I also missed it since I was AFK at that moment and I’ve been living in regret everyday…

Good to see another aussie playing here :smile:

Absolute obsessed with this game for yrs. New to this server. What’s u char name?

You can still get the chip buff from a lesser chip. You can also buy the 5 year chip from other players as well.

As for the blizzard spell you can get that or freezing blizzard in DV Caves lower floor 5-6? from succubus and queens.

blizzard also drops from succ as well