NovemberThon 2019 Fundraiser Event

So last year, I put all the events on the table for this Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday season, and it went really well. We were able to make progress and allow time to develop many new features and events. This year I’ve been spending (way too much) time updating our beloved game (and server) to the latest HD client and we have pulled it off.

While I know there are still many bugs, many will tell you each week I make efforts to make the experience much better and enjoyable, and the progress has been noticeable. These efforts take an insane amount of time and energy, which thanks to our donators and active players I’ve been able to continue to spend this time working diligently to fix major bugs and find workarounds for the biggest issues.

This month we will continue to raise funds to ensure progress on not only fixing more bugs, but adding new and exciting content and features. One of these I’m really excited to report should be finished this month, called Monster Book. I’ll report more information on this later, but this will reward players for killing specific monsters and bosses as many times as possible. There will be many rewards that ONLY come from completing entries in this Bestiary.

Here are some of the events planned for this month to help fund raise and encourage progress for both our server and you as a player:

Continued GC Rate Boost

The gift coin rate has been set to this high 20 GC rate for a while now to help encourage donations for this new client. This month will end that high rate, returning the rate down to somewhere between 9 and 17 GC after this month.

Mini Games

Later this week some old mini games will be opened up with updated prize pools.

Also possibly 1-2 new mini games released this week or next week to celebrate the new HD client.

Weekly Spawn Events

For every week that donations come above $1000, I'll run a manual spawn event on Saturday evenings (the time and day may be adjusted to suit both players and gamemaster). This event has waves manually created for all level ranges and can be a lot of fun!

NovemberThon Donation Event

This is a donation event that stacks with the Fall/Winter Donation event. Tickets are gained for each dollar donated during the month of November. and the prizes will be drawn the first week of December. See the post for prizes for this event.


I will update this post with the mini games that will be active as I activate them. I hope you guys enjoy these events and have a good month.

Good Luck,
Have Fun!

Who won this event I don’t see any post?

Sorry, was going to draw last weekend but was sick. I’ll be doing the drawing this weekend instead.