NovemberThon 2022

November is already here and its already getting close to turkey day! This year we’ll be rolling out mini games and a new large system that will be year round adding strong boosts for all of your characters! But more details on that soon! To help fundraise and keep the server going with new features in the pipeline (and some new hunting areas) we are doing the NovemberThon event again.

Here are the planned events:

NovemberThon Donation Event

This is a donation event that stacks with the current Fall/Winter Donation event. Tickets are gained only during the month of November and the prizes will be drawn the first week of December. See the post for the prizes for this event. All donations in November are counted toward this, even those made before this was posted.

Increased Gift Coin Rate for Donations

The rate all month long will be 24 gift coins per dollar donated! This can be increased up to 100% by donating larger amounts at the same time! The rate is increased at $500, $1000, $2000 and $3000. Use the donation calculator to find out exactly how many gc you get for the donation you make! Donations made this month before this post have already had their bonus delivered manually, so check your inventory.

L1.5 Arcade

The L1.5 Arcade was such a hit this summer for the anniversary event, that I am bringing it back for Black Friday-Cyber Monday! Thursday evening the mini games will be turned on and will continue to be active until at least Tuesday. If there is enough demand it may remain open for the rest of the week.

These mini games have been reset and readied for this event and have some new prizes including soul stones for the new Mysterious Codex system coming this month!

There are even some new NFT Prizes in each of the prize pools for nearly all of the games! These NFT Prizes are very limited and don’t reset with each inventory reset so once they are gone, they are gone!

Because there are so many mini games the free plays/spins/etc are randomized. Every hour each character logged into the game will randomly get free plays/spins for the games. It rolls a chance for each mini game so you may not always get one but sometimes you may get 2 or 3 or more. Just stay logged into the game every hour to get these free chances to win prizes. If you want more chances, you’re always welcome to donate and will be given gift coins as a way of thanking you for your support, these can be used to continue playing the games.

Mysterious Codex

Mysterious Codex Preview

More details will be posted about this system very soon!