NovemberThon Fundraiser Event

November is here! This year I’m doing things a bit differently. I’m not saving all the high rate bonuses and sales for black Friday, cyber Monday, etc. I’m not spending the entire month building a new mini game just for the seasonal event. I’m releasing everything I’ve got as soon as possible! Lets raise the funds so that content can be finished and/or added, things can be balanced (like pvp) and polish up some of the things that deserve attention.

Here are the planned events:

NovemberThon Donation Event

This is a donation event that stacks with the current Fall/Winter Donation event. Tickets are gained only during the month of November and the prizes will be drawn the first week of December. See the post for the prizes for this event. They will be in the XR and Horsemen ranges.

Increased Gift Coin Rate for Donations

The rate all month long will be 20 gift coins per dollar donated! This can be increased up to 100% by donating larger amounts at the same time! The rate is increased at $500, $1000, $2000 and $3000. Use the donation calculator to find out exactly how many gc you get for the donation you make!

Flip 2 Win is Back!

The favorited mini game where you flip cards to win prizes is back! This game allows you to see the potential prize pool for -YOUR- prize board before you flip the cards and attempt to win the biggest prizes! But play it safe because the cost for each flip continues to go up each card you flip!

Valakas' Wheel of Flames is Back!

Do you flip to win? or Slay the dragon valakas for your chance at epic loot! You decide as the Valakas game is back too!

Weekly Spawn Events

For every $1000 dollars donated each week, 2 waves will be spawned each week at a weekly spawn event to take place on Saturdays. One of those waves will be in a low-tier area to allow lower levels access to the event, while the other wave will be high level/top end bosses and monsters. If enough is donated, this event can last a good portion of the day!


I’ll likely have to update this post with more complete information, but I wanted to get this info out asap. The mini games will likely launch this weekend if they are not launched sooner, as some processes need to be ran to clean the system from previous events and prepare the inventory with fresh prizes that have been added since the mini game last ran.

OK, I remembered the link for flip 2 win
But can’t seem to get the one for valakas wheel. I think new players would also appreciate it if it were posted and knew that they would get daily free spins. Help please.

Also, you can claim prizes with the link below. You’re char cannot be logged in to receive prizes. You must log off or switch to a different char.

Really strange. On one of my computers the flip 2 win link says it is closed, but I have access to it on 2 other computers. What’s up with that?

I replied to Breeze’s comments all in discord. Also both of the mini games are active now.