Old stomping grounds

I read in the guide that SKT is changed and for higher lvls and that a few of the other areas might be different than old live servers as well .
Upon visiting some of the old places I used to hunt I found that
Giran Caves is blocked off
Ivory Tower hunting floors are closed
Ice Caves closed off
Ant Caves and Orc town are death traps
Dragon Valley and DV Caves seem harder than I remember
oh ! and I used the -warp 10 to goto Pirate Island and the first boar I met really kick my arse !

These are just a couple of the ones I remember, oh ! and the Caspa group really stomped me too! so are the bosses buffed up here? Iffy in FV did the same to me.

Im at lvl 53 with a hunting AC of -53, have crafted an ECM(+6 atm), +5cop and +5TS, got a shiled of Paagrio (it’s at +5 now) drop and wearing the starter gears for the most part (can’t seem to get any of that gear to take Zels) .
Anyways, are there any other locations I should know about? or a list somewhere of what zones are not as they were on Live ?
Appoligize for sounding like a noobie, but I am here lol

Also, I appreciate the -buffs !! although my Haste pots still don’t work

one other note on tame pet,
so I unequipped my sword and tried beating a wolf down to drop a meat on it and get it as a pet. Seems I can’t attack it unarmed even holding down ctrl. I then went and tried a Dob outside Windawood to no avail.
Is the pet taming changed also?

Thanks for your help !

The caspa group I don’t believe changed at all. Dragon Valley and DV caves I also believe are as they were on live.

Some of those locations that you noticed changing were changed by the newer versions of the client. Like for example the Giran Caves, Ice Caverns and Ivory Tower.

Ivory Tower now has a basement however that I have added, and in the future the upper floors will be added as a Raid, however they were re-designed entirely.

Some of them were re-designed to allow people to goto their old hunting grounds while actually gaining from it. Like Ant Caves, Pirate Island and Orc Town. These places might seem like death traps now, however as you get gear that is custom to this game, they start getting much easier.

I have no idea why your haste pots don’t work but there are many other ways to get the haste spell for free like as you mentioned the commands. There are also some buff pots that cast a large amount of buffs on you, including haste.

As for taming, it works the same way, however punching without equipment I believe only works on Elven Forest creatures. But anything you can tame aside from a few custom monsters is not going to do much good for the non original content.

A good place thats custom you should start checking out is Fire Valley/Fire Valley beach. You can level up here and get some B graded weapons to help you progress. Another place would be Blazing Swamps which you can get to buy obtaining a teleport item from SKT shops or the shop on -warp 8.

Much off this type of information is in the guides and posted on the boards under guides.

Blazing Swamps and south beach -warp 8 at some point. Get some (B) grade armor until you can use (A) and then (S). Some people may have extra no grade equipment that is gathering dust in their storage and can help in game. Ignore haste/g-haste pots completely. JUST use -buffs. It’s free and you get a number of spell buffs.

Read the guide on the armor/weapon grades. It will be important to understand what you can use while you level. Also, there are jewels you can put on broaches, one jewel, Opal, allows you to wear higher level items if equipped on your broach.

Finally, do not use the old school elixirs. Most all players will tell you it can make leveling stats later so much more difficult and expensive. Push to level 100 and ask around. People are nice on this server even though there is pvp.


Thank for the replies Zaj and Sam !! seems I have a lot to learn, I’ll do some forum reading tonight at work ! all good, just happy to be back in Aden, so again, thank you for all your doing here Zaj, it’s a feeling that cannot be explaned to be able to play Lineage again after all these years ! Although I was looking forward to hunting some of those old grounds, guess things change so it’s time to experience the new !

Happy Hunting an See ya in game !

No problem. If you see me online, let me know, and I’ll see what I have that could help you start out.