Omg umf cried so hard like a kid!

This kid talked so much then died like a noob then even talk more.

I wont waste my time on this noob anymore…pathetic.

wowowo damn hes so proud he even got balls to post it zz dude paci is there u really are a retard zz

You are so dumb. You ran like a little girl while he chased you then you ran out of arena to safety zone 3 times! You think running in after his immune runs out and while his guard is done with vt spamming counts as a win? WRONG, If you had any skill or anything close to pride, you would have gone back for an actual fight. You only use stupid tricks to get kills then run and log out so you dont have to actually fight fairly. The pathetic one is you!

damn!!! even more excuses lol. this kiddo s so funny

Excuses are what you give. I watched the whole “fight”. You claim a win on a cheap move (running to safety zone then jumping UMF with vt spamming after his immune runs out). If thats the way you count wins then crap, I have tons of “wins” vs you and even the real Capwne and Chinks. I even have video and screen shots of my “wins”. You are a sad little boy that thinks stealing peoples characters and gear and getting cheap kills any way you can makes you some hero. You need to visit a psychiatrist (oh sorry, thats an adult term for head doctor or crazy peoples doctor)

Isn’t gin CHinKs’ account? What’s he doing taking credit for kills made by Capwne? The real Capwne does not play 1.5 anymore, so any kills made on that character do not count. ToG is using HK’s items, so any kills made by them do not count.

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