On Deck for next restart 2-11-14

Instance Changes
Thebes’ Alter of Osiris Instance will now allow 1-2 people to do the quest, allowing a party of 2 to do the instance together.

Each daily instance will now allow up to 6 active players/groups doing them. Meaning 6 people can be doing hardin, 6 doing orim, 6-12 people doing thebes. Which means this should effectively end the full instance messages!

Boss Changes
Normal Osiris and Anubis have been updated.

Damage from their spells reduced
Attack and cast speeds reduced
Drop rates on boss item drops Increased
Regen of health greatly decreased
Max HP greatly increased
Magic Resistance increased

Bug Fixes
Birthdays are now updated to be the first log entry that character has ever had. For really old characters this means that the birthday will not be the day it was created but the first day that it created a log entry after the logging system was added to the game.

Fixed a bug with Dolls who lose their master for one reason or another to further break when they should acquire exp.

Fixed a bug that occasionally causes errors when skills are used.

Updated with thebes changes