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Why did you lower Topaz Heal amounts? It wasn’t over powered. Scratching my head on this one.

It was pretty overpowered, especially when stacked with the heals from existing health stealing weapons. It was also only reduced by a fairly small amount.

weren’t these jewels w/ hp and mp steal created for the sole purpose of helping the X weapons that don’t have any to begin with? i believe that’s what ya said.

as for vt and chill touch…ugghhh how do u expect people to kill anything now that casts magic 5x a second?

chill touch didn’t do jack shit for damage or heal anyway honestly. vt is nice but its the only way to kill mops that spam magic so much.

can MR get looked at eventually? its been a sore subject for a long time.

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Not the sole purpose, no. Otherwise it wouldn’t stack with weapons with vamp. I also said “especially” when stacked with weapons with heals, as in its also overpowered with non vamp weapons.

As far as the nerf effecting chill touch, chill touch has the same heal as vamp touch, it just doesn’t do as much dmg. Before this change, they both stole 100% of the damage as health. I edited the line that they both use that is why it effects both.

Yes I will look at MR eventually, its just a huge undertaking to try to balance out something like that, as it effects alot of things.

updated to add epic Fafurion info

I like the fact that VT was nerfed. It should not have been able to keep you alive in a boss fight that is just dumb and is one of the reasons why you almost HAD to play a mage. AOE is just nuts. I have to hit each monster a ton of times to kill it and a mage can firestorm 3 times and kill 10 >.< . Boss and high tier mob magic need to be nerfed or MR work better. It’s just dumb to die before you even get a chance to hit a boss.

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Most bosses that I fight I actually had (have) to hold down VT AND X-lites. And I would still die. A lot. That’s with beads AND Evasion Scrolls on.

As for having to melee each mop…ya fml that sucks. But if you level mage gears and melee gears, which is what I’ve spent the last year doing, you get the luxury of being both types of character.