On Deck for next restart 6/17/2014

These are changes scheduled with the next restart. For more details read the “About the Pending Updates category” topic.

Formula Changes

Lucky hit dmg has been made much less effective to make room for new critical system

The chance to land Dex based skills has been adjusted so that the target’s dex and strength add less weight than they did before.

Damage Resistance (DR) that monsters have will now apply toward magic.

Damage Resistances of bosses that are percentage based have been greatly reduced. This is what caused non magic dmg to bosses to be very weak.

Proc Dmg Resistance is now being added and is generated with a formula.

Clan Changes

Clan XP can be gained by turning in XP Shards allowing players to farm for shards to level up the clan. This will allow clans to level up to clan level 2 and gain the new slew of clan skills. Shards will no longer give Adena on turn in with this change.

Trishula Pole Arm Changes

More adjustments to the pole arm due to the weapon not being able to swing with the previous changes.

Clan Skills added

Strength In Numbers (SiN) system has been added to the clan skill list. They require clan level 2 to learn. You can read the descriptions of each skill here: http://www.l15server.com/clanskill.html

Misc Changes

Cinco De Mayo Sombrero [2014] has its icon fixed to be as it should have been.

I noticed there isn’t a SiN skill for Reapers. Does this mean that if you’re a reaper, you will gain the SiN boost for your original class?

Yes, you will receive the bonus of your base class.

blahh royal get hp while all other class get damage boost :frowning:

are the increase calculated base on a linear or exponential formula?

they are added in a linear format

As far as royals getting hp/con, this will make it way easier for a pledge to get their royal in to take a castle.

This also adds diversion tactics to strategy for sieges, like trying to separate clan members so their boosts are less.

Royals gain a 3% increase to HP MAX and Con for each clan member within a screen’s radius from them

does that 3% to “HP MAX” mean an increase to the hp cap for royal or an increase to the current hp a royal currently has?

If this is to the hp cap, i doubt any royal will hit the cap with T5 and ultra(s) not giving HP boost unless there will be gears made for royals with massive hp boost :slight_smile:

if it is an increase to the current hp a royal has, I am assuming that:

for example: royal with 5k hp with 3% hp increase, each member within the screen radius will provide 150 additional hp for the royal?

Besides leveling (haha) to gain Rep Points which in turn you can eventually turn into Skill Points and the obvious of donating to gain Skill Points. Will there be any other viable options for gaining Skill Points?

As of right now 500SP (or 2500gc) to learn SiN ability THEN 1000SP (5000gc) for each class SiN seems crazy insane expensive. Especially for the royal buff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the example ARIE gave 5k hp x entire clan on screen < 2k hp total.

Not only is it expensive but also requires lvl 2 to learn and shard turn ins require T2 lvl 80+. In other words new people and clans will have a hell of a time trying to get these running, these 2 requirements together create a nasty barrier to entry.

I thought you were going to make xp shards worth less not worthless. Can we get some adena drops added to places like Skaro them?

I never really saw the point in changing the way they were. I could see maybe adding them to “Ancient” mops at a higher drop rate then they were, which was sad, but skaro always seemed fine.

What are they changed to now? 500@ each? 100x less in value?

I think it was 5000 now.

AH, well 5k isn’t to bad I guess. I’d check myself, but I’m saving them till I am lvl 99 t4…which is gonna be a long time for me! If it is 5k that will at least pay for the soul/spirit ore I buy to make shots with to hunt per hour.

By changing them to give clan XP instead of adena they are worth MORE, considering you’ll be able to gain clan levels allowing new clan skills learned.

As far as making them worth less adena, that patch was a previous patch, this patch takes the adena gains from it out altogether.

There is no way to use GC to get clan xp, so I’m pretty sure this will be having players farming specifically for xp shards to level their clan.

So about getting adena added to Skaro mob’s drop list? “More” is a matter of opinion in this matter.

If its meant to farm Shards of Exp 1-4 adding new Skaro Caves pt2 sounds like a good idea :blush:

I am hoping 1 shard doesn’t = 1/1000000. Since that’s all I have to go by looking at Clan Manager.

You mentioned “…this patch takes the adena gains from it out altogether.” does that mean in the “patch-to-come” there will no longer be any adena from them? Or is that what happened on 6/17? I have 2000 of them and would rather turn in for any amount adena now then only exp later (i don’t care about lvling my pledge seeing as its me and 1 other person active)

When do you plan on releasing clan war? I think its long overdue, all TOG does is choa make.