On Deck for next restart 6/2/2014

These are changes scheduled with the next restart. For more details read the “About the Pending Updates category” topic.

Rebalancing Changes

Durability of weapon’s effect has been greatly lessened. It now caps off at 25% damage loss at maximum.

Formula for Dex based attacks has been adjusted to be resistible by Strength, Dex and Level rather than just Dex and Level. If the effect of Str on the chance is too much it will be adjusted down to ensure that these skills land at fair rates.

Trishula Pole Arm Changes

The new pole arm has been changed to create actual attack packets for each of the targets in range. These aoe packets will work with pvp in some cases.

Misc Changes

Amelia’s Royal Rattle is corrected to require Level 100 and X grade shots.

Aww snap incoming quill buff! Zaj was just tired of his +141 quill not hitting hard enough.

Nah I just found a bug that was making durability take away way more dmg than I ever intended.

Any guess when this next restart will be?

Wouldn’t the correct note be then “Fixing a bug causing durability to have a greater effect than intended.” Not a change to the damage reduction cap?

no, because I both fixed the bug and reduced its overall effect

Ah ok, so it is a quill buff :stuck_out_tongue:

ok going from landing bind 33% of the time to 1% is not balanced its totally nerfed. what is the point of spending all the time building your character just so it is made useless? You say its not useless against mages but reapers have all the benefits of mages and knight class. So making str the stat to resisit just made bind useless have done mutliple tests and its always the same. What chance does anyone not in full vala and x gear stand now?

I bet your argument works better when you’re not easily binding people in -arena while Zajako is standing there to see it. Oh wait, that happened…

The issue is using base stats that everyone is guaranteed to have. End game gear is to hybrid stat wise a prime example (even if it doesn’t have a huge amount) is Zaj book…wtf does it have str on it? Why does the shield have int? Base stats are everywhere you don’t have to go out of your way to find them so combining 2 into a resist is unrealistic unless one contributes a far FAR smaller amount.

^ Is the only relevant part of this post, please feel free to ignore this next segment.
Why isn’t MR this common? Why are the 2 most used cloaks on server giving huge negatives to it in fact? Why do the rattles give 60mr? Who is Eric Cartman’s real dad?!