On Deck for next restart 7/1/2014

These are changes scheduled with the next restart. For more details read the “About the Pending Updates category” topic.

Event Related

Wand Drop Rate increased
Independence Day Fireworks [2014] has been fixed so they are usable.

Bug Fixes

-Fix’s delay has been reduced to 1 second

Teleport scrolls and spells when used in a non teleportable location now apply the same technique as -fix to prevent causing pvp issues.

If a exploit comes out of using -fix or teleport scrolls, there will be temporary 1 week bans applied to the offending accounts. This includes things like trying to control the spawns or mobs to prevent them from damaging you or similar things like that. I’m not sure if this can be done, but if you find a way to do it, you are to stop doing it and report it to me immediately via private message on the boards here or email.

There should be no reason to spam -fix or teleports repeatedly either. So please don’t take advantage of the delay removal/reduction, otherwise it will be placed in again/increased.