On Deck for Next Restart 7/14/2014

These are changes scheduled with the next restart. For more details read the “About the Pending Updates category” topic.

Bug Fixes

When reapering or tiering up as a DK or ILL it would change you from a male character to a female character. This bug is now fixed.

Items that should stay on the hotbar but get kicked out should now stay in the hotbar when you use them. The list is posted below. The fix is by renaming the items to no longer have “” instead they are “- X”.

Hotbar Fixed Items

Soul Shot [NG] through
Spirit Shot [NG] through
Lesser Soul Energy Battery [Faction]
Soul Energy Battery [Faction]
Greater Soul Energy Battery [Faction]
Thanksgiving Dinner [2012]
Candy Cane [2012]
Christmas Cookies [2012]
Soul Battery [+]
Soul Battery [+10]
Thanksgiving Dinner [2013]
New Years Bubbly [2014]
Tier-Ease Cream [T2] through [T5]
Easter Loyalty Seal [2012]
Cupid’s Hammer [2013]
Cupid’s Ruby [2013]
Cupid’s Sapphire [2013]
Cupid’s Pearl [2013]
Cupid’s Onyx [2013]
Cupid’s Scroll [2013]
Heart Candy [2013]
Easter Loyalty Seal [2013]
Independence Fireworks [2013]
Independence Fireworks [2014]
Crystal [NG] - Crystal
Gemstone [D] - Gemstone
Seal of Hurricane [S80]
Seal of Pledge Heal [S80]
Seal of Hydro Blast [S80]
Seal of Apocholypse [S80]
Seal of Magic Blade [S80]
Seal of Sonic Rage [S80]
Spirit Blast [A]
Shadow Burst [A]
Seal [A]
Slash Stun [A]
Assassin’s Creed [S80]
Gaia’s Blessing [S80]
Quadruple Shot [S80]
Inferno Booster [Faction]
Glacier Booster [Faction]
Frosty’s SnowBall [2012]
North Pole SnowBall [S80][2012]
Enchant Armor
Blessed Enchant Armor
Giants Enchant Armor
Protection Enchant Armor
Protection Enchant Weapon
Giants Enchant Weapon
Blessed Enchant Weapon
Enchant Weapon
Lindvior’s Breath
Frosty’s SnowBall Crystal
Cupid’s Lost Chocolates [2013]
Loyalty Pumpin Set [2013]
Crafting Pliers [JEWELER]
Crafting Hammer [ARMORSMITH]
Crafting Anvil [WEAPONSMITH]
Pick Axe [MINER]
Gathering Basket [FORAGER]
Chemistry Set [ALCHEMIST]
Chef’s Cookbook [CHEF]
Crafting Needle [SEAMSTRESS]
Incubator [VITALITY]
Gene Splicer [VITALITY]
Hatchery [VITALITY]
Carving Knife [SCAVENGER]
Ellie’s Magic Doll [2012]
Soul Charged Fragment
Love Doll: Inflatable Woman [2013]
Love Doll: Inflatable Man [2013]
Mia’s Magic Doll [2014]

Gameplay Tweaks

When loot global drops announce as they currently do, if you have sounds enabled it will say “Impressive” to let you know to scroll up to see it if you’re interested.

Also it now says “Impressive” when the wheel announces rare prize winners.

Clan Skill Changes

All of the clan level 2 and 3 skills have had their SP costs greatly reduced! Might be time to learn and test some SiN skills?

Balancing Changes

The spell Invisible (mage/reaper version) has a delay of 10 seconds added to it to keep people from being able to stay invis after getting detected. To put this in perspective, it is the same delay that Blind Hiding the Dark Elf skill has.

X Grade Weapon Changes

RomuReme’s Small Dmg and Dmg Bonus have been lowered slightly. New buff skills added to compensate this as well as a damage proc. The procs are as follows:

  • Life Leak - Damage Proc that has a chance to also cause Decay Potion
  • Build Them Up - 10% chance to hit your target twice while stealing a small amount of hp
  • Remus’ Plan - A self buff that causes players hitting you to have a reduction of crit rate by 10% against you. Lasts 5 Minutes.
  • Romulus’ Focus - A self buff that causes your crit rate to go up by 3%. Lasts 5 Minutes.
  • Tear Them Down - A 1% chance combo attack that can hit your target an extra 1-5 times.

Bug Fixes, Gameplay Tweaks, Clan Skill changes added to on deck

Updated the list of items being renamed to fix hot bar icons

This is not a change that balances anything. To put it in perspective, knights only have access to lesser heal, while mages have lesser heal, heal, greater heal, full heal, and pledge heal. Elves can spam entangle with no delay, while mages have a delay on Slow. The knight’s reduction armor doesn’t hold a candle to a mage’s immune to harm. In other words, there’s no point comparing the skills across classes.

I understand Sparta qq-ed at you intensely about invisibility, because they can’t handle it in a fight, but that doesn’t make it something that needs ‘balancing.’ It’s fine as is.

P.S. They’re demonstrating a lack of understanding as to why an invisible guy keeps outrunning them and maintaining invisibility so easily.

Not to mention those delays are across all spells. It’s one thing to cut a dark elf off from magic for 10seconds but an entirely different matter all together to basically silence a mage for 10seconds just 'cause he cast invis.

since when did this balancing tweak have anything to do with heals or any of that other stuff you mentioned.

Also sparta didn’t qq about this at all, this is from my observations and annoyances of it. So if you want to insult anyone about this, its me you’re insulting and thats a bad idea.

  1. Please explain what was ‘unbalanced’ about the mage spell Invisibility specifically, without comparing it to the skills of other classes. Each class has skills that are specifically more potent than the comparable skills of any other class, so by that reasoning, a mage shouldn’t have immune to harm, or stronger healing spells, a dark elf shouldn’t have double break, illusionists shouldn’t have avatar, etc.
  2. Please explain how you were being insulted.

First off, I don’t have to explain myself to you. Let alone how you want me to do it.

Second, I didn’t say you insulted me, I said if you want to insult anyone about it, then insult me. That was inferring to the insult you were targeting at sparta saying they were QQing about invis.