On Deck for next restart 7/4/2014

These are changes scheduled with the next restart. For more details read the “About the Pending Updates category” topic.

Event Changes

The rate that Wand of Love drops has been increased by a lot.

Vitality Merchant will now sell a lesser bribe to amanda that gives a 10 minute buff to hunt the event mobs that require QQ. The gift master will still provide a 1 hour bribe. The clan store will also sell the 1 hour bribe.

Shop Changes
Price for items from Aden Knight Captain in Soul Charged Fragments have changed to as follows:

Soul Battery [+10]: 250 -> 100 Soul Charged Fragments

Prices for soul shots and spirit shots at Orc Merchant Dranoc (on TOI 1 -warp9)

Soul Shots:
X Grade per 100 shots: 700000 -> 300000
S80 Grade per 100 shots: 500000 -> 170000
S Grade per 100 shots: 200000 -> 75000
A Grade per 100 shots: 100000 -> 30000
B Grade per 100 shots: 30000 -> 10000
No Grade per 100 shots: 10000 -> 5000

Spirit Shots:
X Grade per 100 shots: 1200000 -> 500000
S80 Grade per 100 shots: 1000000 -> 300000
S Grade per 100 shots: 400000 -> 100000
A Grade per 100 shots: 200000 -> 50000
B Grade per 100 shots: 60000 -> 25000
No Grade per 100 shots: 20000 -> 10000

Bug Fixes

All custom buffs for the server that previously didn’t save upon exiting the game or disconnecting, now should properly save/store to the database so that when you log back in you still have them. This includes item buffs like tier-ease and rate boosting potions.

-fix and teleports being slow to have each monster show up now should show up much faster with much less lag, allowing them to work better.

Other Changes

When certain buffs run out they will now send a message letting you know that they have worn off. The buff list is posted below.

You can now type -buffs to get a list of certain buffs that you currently have and the remaining time in seconds until they end. The buff list is posted below.

Buffs that have messages and show up on buffs are as follows:

  • Bribe to Amanda to QQ at Zajako
  • Independence Day Fireworks [2014]
  • TIER-EASE High Dose
  • TIER-EASE Med Dose
  • TIER-EASE Low Dose
  • Lindvior’s Breath
  • Blessings of Love
  • New Years Bubbly [2014]
  • Christmas Cookies [2012]
  • Thanksgiving Dinner [2013]
  • Thanksgiving Dinner [2012]
  • Blessing of Earth
  • Eden’s Intellect
  • Wounded (Debuff)
  • Potion of Merchant
  • Potion of Soul Attraction
  • Potion of Luck
  • Potion of Learning
  • Immune to Harm (This includes all forms of immune including CoP)

Post Updated with information about event changes

Can we sell ss or trade ss? For example 4 S ss = 1 s80 ss.

nope, maybe someday, but not with this update

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Still working on part 2? You mentioned you may have to split into #2 and #3.

Yes, Part 2 will be released for sure this weekend. My goal is tonight, but something with my family has come up so I may not be able to do tonight.