On Deck for Next Restart 8-15-14

These are changes scheduled with the next restart. For more details read the “About the Pending Updates category” topic.

Soul Armor Changes

Legendary Zajako Hat gains stats and a passive 2% Damage Reduction

Legendary Zajako Breastplate gains stats and a passive 5% Damage Reduction

Legendary Zajako Gauntlets gain stats and a passive 2% Damage Reduction

Legendary Zajako Boots gain stats and a passive 2% Damage Reduction

Legendary Zajako Pants gain stats and a passive 3% Damage Reduction

Soul Weapon Changes
Sudarshana Chakras, The Claws of Fate has stats added

Moralltach the great fury has stats added

Gungnir, The Beast Slayer gains stats and the basic Pole Arm abilities that allow AOE Procs

Sharanga gains 3 new skills

  • Shocking Arrow - Stun shot with more damage, 4% chance proc

  • Time Drain - Casts Super Slow, a slow that has a very high land rate (should land every time with low int), also does damage, 1% chance proc

  • Dream Shot - Casts a single target sleep with a very high land rate (should land most times even with low int), also does damage, 0.5% chance to proc

hope stats on claw come out soon been afk waiting for 2 3 weeks :frowning:
save best for last :smiley:

Is the bow always going to take arrows or are yo going to make it so its like most others?

I plan for it to always take arrows, however I am also intending to add X grade arrows to the game and some special arrows that have unlimited uses.

ok cool. guess i better get on the ball and make 1

Even though some of this has already been patched, I’m gonna share this post till the next restart.

Also I added the claws and Legendary Zaj Changes

Is it impossible to sleep Ancient monsters now :confused: ? Orcs in specific since they are the only ones I’m hunting at the moment. Since last update I can’t sleep any big groups I happen to find :angry:\

actually all mops. Is sleep spell broken/disabled?

Yes, Sparta QQ’ed about being wrecked by it in fights, so a ninja-fix (i.e. don’t tell anyone you’re nerfing it because sparta asked) was probably attempted that broke it.

Suikorin, sorry bud, but no one uses sleep in pvp against Sparta.

Sparta did not QQ about it to zaj.

Please check your facts before posting a FYAD.

Plus this is not the spot to do it. This is for Pending Updates.

Apologies Zaj for responding to this here (some ppl just don’t get it).

Lol classic! Funny stuff!! Hahaha!!!

Any who…is sleep broke or disabled?

are the legendary zaj x pieces gonna have +2 additional stats for having 25 all stats like the s80 version of it? and is the dr on legendary zaj x pieces gonna be at least > or = to other x grade pieces?

Nope I just beat them like a pinata till they drop all their stuffs. sleep is not needed

can we get added skills to x weapons (claw, 2h sword) or they not going to have any?

They will get them invisu, I’m trying to fit that into the next restart.

Will there be a new ‘on deck’ post describing some of these changes being worked on?

not for this update, but i’ll be back on track after this update coming

Is fog of sleep gonna get fixed any time soon?