On Deck for next restart

These are changes scheduled with the next restart. For more details read the “About the Pending Updates category” topic.

Site Related

Site now shows required base stats and levels

Site will show pvp wins and losses in the clan logs

In Game Related

Decreased adena gain from XP Shards due to the largely increased rate of them dropping.

For debuff rolls tier will have a weighted effect for both success and failure chance rolls at a rate of 25 bonus per tier level above 1. Tier 4 gets an additional bonus of 25. This weight is added in in the same portion as the character’s level.

Debuff land rate’s cap has also been reduced from a maximum of 95% down to a maximum of 90% while the minimum chance is staying at 1%.

Tier-Ease will be released, this is released as 4 items, one for each tier. These items when used give a 1 hour buff that reduces the penalty applied to XP increases for T2-T5. Upon use the effective strength is rolled and you are notified how effective it is. You may use more than one to make it more effective, if you roll a lesser strength, however it will not increase its time. Upon release more details on will be provided.

Lindvior’s Breath has been fixed to provide the +5 to all stats at level 30 as it was designed.

Elemental damage has been completely re-written to no longer come in the form of proc based bursts that didn’t really work properly anyways. It now is applied as straight damage that follows a formula for every hit. X weapons also do increased elemental damage as well. This damage is decreased by the targets elemental resistance of the same type.

Added in icons for Tier-Ease as well as icons for a future event to update server.

The effects of -fix have been modified to teleport monsters instead of the player. This should hopefully optimize the effect to no longer cause lag issues with other players. It also should make updating the mobs a lot cleaner. This may be undone if it doesn’t work as intended.

Fangs of Destiny [S80]'s ability back slash now teleports the target to be facing their back to you. In the past it teleported the player causing the player to have to re-target/re-attack this way will fix that and inconvenience the target instead of the attacker.

Does the “Elemental Damage” mean that now a higher element enchant on a weapon will do higher damage? I never noticed much, if any, difference between +20 elemental enchant’s damage and +5 elemental enchant’s damage. Other then frequency of the proc, higher enchant more procs.

Yes, he stated in game last night that an S80 weapon with 20 fire will do 20 additional fire dmg, whereas an X grade weapon with 20 fire will do an additional 100 dmg. 10 would do 10 for S80, and 50 for X grade, etc. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth will all do the same damage, Dark and Holy will do an additional 25% of their enchant level. I’m not sure if he’s using these flat numbers, but this is just a for instance.

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Cool thanks for the example! I’m glad this thread is started and I hope the boards are used more frequently! Its hard to be online 24/7 to see all the updates that are happening. Many things go on and are talked about ingame that aren’t always mentioned for offline people to see.

Thanks voren, this is the kind of thing I really want to see on these boards. I especially love that I didn’t have to type all that up here as well!

These boards are a great addition to the game, since not everyone can read global all the time. A lot of upcoming changes are announced, and whoever is online during that time has the chance to prep, while some others don’t have the information.

Now we just need to get people using them regularly, checking daily, etc.

As I integrate things more into the website that will be easier.

Private clan boards will draw people in to use them, and the other boards will get used because of it. Once the boards have a bit more posts, hide a promo code somewhere… that will bring up activity as well. You haven’t done promo codes in a long time, other than the donation event prizes.

Also, since you’re revamping elemental enchants, the addition of Holy/Dark elemental beginnings scrolls would be appreciated. Maybe 5x more expensive than the others? Also a way to obtain them without events, at a much lower rate than the current elements.

There will not be beginners scrolls for holy and dark. As far as obtaining the holy/dark stones, as well as element crystals, the new zones that are coming out over the next few months will have drops for them.

Any chance of adding S80 crystals to the clan shop?

It was annoying enough to constantly type -fix to insure that a summons or a pet was where it was supposed to be and do what it was ordered to do. Now it is even worse. The summons or pet now is somewhere other than where it should be around 80% of the time. Has a possible lag issue been solved by this up-date? The GM stated in his post that if this -fix up-date was not having the intended effect it could be changed. In my modest opinion it should be.

Yes -fix is being changed again as it is not working as intended. I’m working on coming up with another solution that will make it actually work. Until then you can simply use random teleport if you are in a zone that doesn’t allow teleporting.

As far as this thread goes though its being archived to make room for the next On Deck Thread.