Onwards to the Deep, Onwards to Tier 5

The underworld has been released with new daily quests and new drops. Some new holiday items have been released as well. Read the details below.

The Daily Quests
You can now do up to 3 daily quests in the underworld. The daily quests are started from the Dwarf that is outside of the underworld, which is below WindaWood castle. Each daily quest is done on the corresponding floors 1-3. To perform the quest you will need to find the different harvesting points and defending them from the monsters Shilen summons to you while your harvester does the dirty work. Read the message the Dwarf gives you when you accept the quest for more details.

The reward for these quests are different levels of Water Energy Fragments that will be usable on a HighDensity Energy Stone that will be released very soon. By using these fragments on the HDES you will begin to charge it up. When it is fully charged you can choose to use it in part of the quest toward becoming Tier5 or trade it in toward getting some Elixir Tokens. So even after you become T5, you’ll be able to benefit from doing the dailies.

New Event Items
Christmas Present - 2014: This item gives you a Large Holiday Tree, Small Holiday Tree AND a Gingerbread Cookie - 2014

Holiday Tree: This item spawns a smaller christmas tree for a temporary time.

Large Holiday Tree: This item spawns a larger christmas tree for a temporary time

Gingerbread Cookie - 2014: This item when consumed gives you superbrave buff for 5 minutes.