Opals and Soul/Spirit Shots

I was not sure since the new client was live whether to post in Suggestions or Beta, so I will post here for now. I noticed that when I have an Opal lv2 and can wear (B) armor and weapons, I still cannot use Soul/Spirit Shots. It says “Your level is too low to use this item.”

Would be nice to be able to use the soul/spirit shots when using the (B) weapons. Not sure if it is isolated to just (B) or if others experience this with (A), (S), (X) items.



Even though it gives the message in error, your soul/spirit shots ought to still activate anyway. Use -debug and test it on a dummy or mops or whatever to be sure though. I know the x-shots were ‘broken’ like that.

OK. I will test it out. Zaj asked I post it on boards so he can look into it. The message does follow with a note saying they are turned off.