Opinion polls for server?

Is it possible to set up opinion polls for the server? Make it so its anonymous to protect people who dont want to get in trouble with others can still give their opinion on topics at hand. Make it so anyone can start a poll as well. Just an idea.

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my opinion, Keep them to yourself if you cant handle the consequences of your whining.

Oh, I can handle consequences and I am not whining, I share my opinion all the time. But I would like to know what other ppl on the server think about topics and I know a bunch of them wont share cus ppl like hilk will KOS them if he doesnt like their opinion in anyway. And as you can see, I dont hide behind a community name, ppl never know if its Vic posting under that name or Sweet.

Its always Vic i can promise you this. Sweet doesnt care to acknowledge others crying or desperate attempts to get zaj to make things easier on them. I on the other hand am happy to let you know when your requests or suggestions should have been kept your yourself. If nothing else im doing you a favor, in that I am encouraging you to stop making a fool of yourself.

LOL. Think what you want of suggestions I might have. You are not the deciding factor and you obviously dont know what an opinion poll is by the way you have talked about it. This idea is not just for topics that are going on in game, the idea behind polls is to know what the community is thinking. Posting topics such as “What would you (the server) like to see worked on first? A B or C” could help Zaj in knowing what the community wants. He himself has done similar in global like with the t4/t5 addition. On the other hand, having ppl in the community pose questions like “Where is best place for hunting exp?” or “Which pledge is stronger?” are just questions that fun to see answers to or helpful. If you dont like my opinions, dont waste your time sharing yours cus I dont care what you think. It wont stop me from doing anything I want in the future, no mater what ideas I come up with.

If the community as a whole knew what was best we would be having spinner events every other day and a 50x’s xp boost to the already boosted rates.

The fact that we have individuals such as yourself to pole is probably the primary cause of that being an issue.

In terms of overall contributions to the server, I would love to hear what you have brought to the the table (aside from the inevitable laugh we get from your pathetic attempt to play this game).

I have contributed a lot more to this server than you think. I dont feel I have to share any with you just for your sole pleasure. Zaj knows what I have contributed and he has in fact used my suggestions in the past (which Im very sure you have used many times). I am not here to seek praise for deeds done in the name of the server. I am here to offer suggestions as this category is for suggestions.

I agree with Paci, we need a polls section.