Outstanding bugs

Perhaps posting here might get them fixed.

T5 royal buff isn’t working at all.

Critical damage in pvp isn’t respecting % damage reduction properly.

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Dimensional chest doll needs fixed, has never worked to my knowledge. To think I paid 2k GC for one years ago and it still has never worked

I have a few but haven’t used them in a while. I would randomly get a dimensional chest now and then. Can’t say about recently though.

I tested it out maybe 6 months back and it was working for me, incredibly slow rate of chests though so it wasn’t worth using over anything else

interesting. Did 2 rounds of hunting with it, didn’t get a single chest… will have to do more testing. sounds like maybe the rate needs increased

Pro tip. Set a macro to random tele in a cave. Set another macro to summon doll every 30 mins.

Go afk all weekend.

pretty sure the doll procing to get a chest is based on killing mobs.

Sorry. Random tele. Blizzard random tele etc :wink:

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When the two newest dolls came out that you had to buy with GC and summon with mats purchased with GC, Zaj said a few dolls would not work, Dimensional and Cheerleader dolls being two of them. Before the Summer donation event, Zaj asked me to post a remember, which I did: Doll fixes in the future?


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What does Blessing of Valakas do? I’m not sure I notice anything, so maybe its not working correctly?

I think it was some kinda damage reduction. So ya probably don’t hah.

R dragon weapons activated?

Asking for a friend

Nope you have to use the dragon essences atm

40% damage reduction. The restart for the event fixed it so that it should work for all the weapons.

Lol asking for a friend…

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Zaj, just did a quick test with Mayasura using data obtained using -debug. I allowed myself to be slapped around 28 times before casting Val’s blessing then 34 times with Val’s blessing. The table below shows the statistics from the data. Basically, Val’s blessing had no impact on damage taken. Granted it’s not a huge data set but you should be able to see a difference if blessing was giving 40% reduction. What’s your take? I can send the cropped data from screen shots if you wan to view it.

Blessing of Valakas Damage Reduction
Mayasura; hard mode
Without With Stats
28 34 Number hits in data set
367 363 Average damage per hit
112 105 Standard deviation
31% 29% CV (measure if variation around mean at 1 std dev)
575 617 Max damage per hit
183 180 Min damage per hit

Pardon the poor formatting. Couldn’t figure out how to use columns here.

Did you keep a valakas weapon equipped while you had the buff active?

Yes, had my Val’s claw.

Potentially still the same problem as i was trying to describe to zaj, think he fixed the problem that it was only activating for the claw staff instead of all vala weapons, but pretty sure the buff itself is still broken lol

Maybe it’s like DR? you take damage regardless of the buff. I feel like using a 50% damage reduce chip buff you see no difference either.