Pandoras Jewels

I’m getting to have a lot of these and was wondering if there was a way to say , take 2 or 5 or whatever lvl 1’s (of the same type) and combine them to make a lvl 2 ? I find nothing on this idea on site. If not, mabey you would consider implementing something like this, else I just trash the extras I have ?

Thanks !

ok nvr mind … Pandora herself explaned it all to me ! :wink:

Yep lol, also there will be a way to make it cheaper dust wise in the future when the Jeweler Trade Skill is released.

What does this trade skill do? Just curious aha

oh ! Do tell ! Cause that 300k+ ‘chance’ for a couple of dust from dissolving another Jewel isn’t appealing at all ! :wink:

lol if you’re using the 300k solvent gl ever getting past lvl 3 gems

The tradeskill is a crafting trade skill that allows you to do what pandora does, just a slight different way. Basically instead of large amounts of dust, it will use smaller amounts and multiple of the same level jewel, same type jewel to try and upgrade with better rates. It also will expand the max jewel level from 5 to 10.

Right on ! That sounds awesome ! I v crafting :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention it will also add a few other new jewels that have yet to be released.