Pandora's Passes and donation reward changes

With the coming of the new Pandora’s Jewelry box game, some change had to be made to the donation reward system to allow people to get more plays than the three(3) free plays everyone gets each day.

Change to the old rewards
For the time being Reward Tokens for the bonus spinner are no longer being given out. If you have existing reward tokens you can still use them to win prizes from the bonus spinner, however, it is no longer possible to obtain new reward tokens. At a future date it will be enabled again with a method that lets you choose between Reward Tokens and Pandora’s Passes to some degree.

With this change you still get many things as gifts to thank you, for your donation, such as, Gift Coins, Donation Event Tickets and now the new Pandora’s Passes.

Pandora’s Passes
Pandora’s Pass is a new bonus you obtain from donations, it allows you to play her Jewelry Box mini game located here. You get one pass for every 2 dollars your donation entails with a bonus percentage of passes if your donation passes set amounts. The bonus amounts and minimums are as follows:

  • More than 20 dollars
  • 10% bonus to passes
  • More than 50 dollars
  • 15% bonus to passes
  • More than 100 dollars
  • 20% bonus to passes
  • More than 500 dollars
  • 30% bonus to passes

To preview the amount you would get from your donation you can use the new donation calculator:

Donation Gift Result Calculator

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