Party EXP / SXP Bonus

Thought / suggestion to promote party hunting.

I think we’d all agree party hunting is good for the game & server. It is fun to interact with people and work together. It’s a major reason why we play a MMO.

Zaj boosted EXP while party hunting over a year ago, increasing the bonus from 10% to 25%.

Even though there is a “bonus”, in reality, the EXP / SXP gets divided (by number of members in party), then a little bonus gets thrown on top.

I’d love to see the bonus go even higher, where players could get the entire EXP / SXP for the mob, plus perhaps the bonus on top of that. (instead of being divided). Other games I’ve played have had a setup, people constantly seek out others to hunt with. Understandable if this is asking too much, but a further increase would be great. Lets be honest, the bonus right now does not influence anyone to try to find someone to hunt with.

An additional idea to increasing the EXP / SXP, is to increase drops / adena while in a party (and party members are on your screen). Say a 1.3x drop/adena. That way when I’m grinding sky castle with a friend (or friends), we have a slightly better chance of getting some kind of drop.

Would love to hear others feedback, and see something implemented if you agree with any of this zaj.



I ageee should have a boost. Exp is only decent when doing instances. By boosting party exp it will incentivize people to hunt together and might actually get people to grind again outside of instances.

Some places I think exp should be boosted that we all used to love to hunt
Skaro 3/4 should be boosted exp/sxp
Thebes should be boosted exp/sxp

By the way what ever happened to Ivory Tower?? The floors used to be good for sub 100 tier one and top floor was very good.


bump to that leveling alts in Ivory Tower again would be great. I miss hunting there. It would be nice to bring that hunting area back for lower levels to hunt.


Ivory tower was changed by ncsoft with the update to the client we are currently using. The new ivory tower floors look nothing like the originals. I have plans of making them into a new raid that will challange the mind more than the gear/level like the great elves and mages of the ivory tower would have wanted!

As for group rewards I’ll consider a solution. But I do want to remind that hunting with your clan’s royal does boost xp further by quite a bit.