Patch Notes 11-19-2015

Starter Town Changes
Gereng now spawns in the Inn in hidden valley allowing new players to learn spells from him.

-starter and -noob will teleport players to the starter zone similar to how -betanoob has

-newplayer will bring up the message that appears when you start a new character

New Zone Boost Controller system will now give crack morphs instead of lightning cdk

Buff Changes
Happy buffs will now be saved when logging out however if you are logging out to save your happy buff please login on another character to still obtain your vitality coins! Also if too many people log out to avoid happy buffs this decision may be changed.

Sky castle rune buffs will now be saved when you log out as well!

Clan Changes
Deleted Sky Castle Clan log entries

Hid clan sp and exp gains from showing in the current clan log, this will be brought back when filters and sorting is enabled

Changed it so when clan sp and xp are gained it no longer spams clan chat instead it shows the green message on the main window.

Bug Fixes
Omega Juice should now correctly give the brave buff for the full hour rather than requiring you to use -brave or a brave potion after using it. This also applies to all gm buffs that should apply brave as well.

Issue that sometimes causes issues logging back in when a crash or logout happens is now fixed.

Auto attack causing you to walk inside of a monster -SHOULD- be fixed

Sky castle monsters should no longer log to the clan logs like bosses

Doors should properly spawn

Tweaks to map data for some maps that are yet to be released.

Fixed a bug that caused message board posts with a title that is too long to break an sql connection

Fixed a bug that caused server exceptions when some monsters were deleted while already dead

Changed Database Connection Pool Type from BoneCP to HikariCP which is supposed to be much faster! (faster database pooling means less lag for some things)

Updated the server to a newer version of Java