Patch Notes 11-25-15

Thanksgiving Items
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner 2015 has been put into the game. It gives 15% physical damage increase, 10% magical damage increase and 30% incoming damage decrease. They are available from Ives for gift coins.

Turkey Call has returned from last year, you can use it to summon one of 4 event monsters that drop foods for thanksgiving meals. You can obtain Turkey Calls from playing Pandora’s Jewelry Box game, obtaining from Ives and/or trading with other players. When you use the turkey call in game it may spawn one of 4 animals that you can quickly kill. These animals are all weak and can be killed by players of any level. The magical turkeys that can spawn have a bit more hp than the other ones, however they still should go down quickly. They can drop food items that give temporary buffs, jewels, jewel chests, sealed lvl 5 jewels and several other items.

Monsters that can spawn from the turkey call are as follows:

Thanksgiving Duck
Thanksgiving Chicken
Thanksgiving Ham
Magical Turkey

The Dragons have awoken!
New Dragon spawning system is ready to be put in place. Here are the details as to what has changed about it.

  • Dragons no longer spawn when the server starts.
  • Spawns are now between 24 hours and 72 hours, previously it was between 48 to 60 hours.
  • All 4 dragons now have both a normal spawn and epic spawn
  • Announcements for dragons spawning are now done via a Red Popup message instead of a global message.
  • Minions also spawn noraml and epic for all 4 dragons.

Stability Changes
Tweak to database pool size to cause less lags

Dragging items to the trash bin no longer should be buggy and make deleting groups of items faster and as intended.

Archiving of many logging tables has GREATLY sped up the response time of nearly every action in the game making everything feeling much smoother!