Patch Notes 2/22/16 (Instance Restoring! Yay!)

Instance Restoration!
As many of you know, this has been a long time issue. You’re playing through an instance and you disconnect or crash or otherwise, and you lose your instance run. Well NOT ANYMORE! Well sort of. If you are disconnected for longer than the duration of your instance timer, you will still lose your run. Here are a few notes of exactly what Instance Restoration is:

  • When you disconnect or otherwise leave the instance zone, your instance is left unchanged.
  • Your instance timer continues without your presence, meaning when the time is over for your instance, it still will end as normal.
  • When you login after a disconnect it will take you to your instance right away
  • You will not be able to start another instance until after your instance is over either by finishing it or by the timer running out.
  • If you are unable to get into your instance or you are somehow in town you can type -codex to have it bring you back to the instance.
  • If this pops up the codex window then you do not have a saved instance

While these changes may not fix the current crash issues that may happen while in an instance. It does at least make it less painful. I will continue to look into the issues causing the crashes and fix them when I’m able to find a solution.

Stat Bugs and how we will track them down!
Okay, as many are aware, there is a hard to track down bug that causes weight and MR to be messed up. This was believed to be attributed to the sky castle rune buffs. I did extensive testing on these buffs on the test server and could not duplicate this. Because I could not figure out a fix for this, I left in some debug messages to help us figure out why this is happening sometimes. For those who don’t know, you can always fix this bug if it happens to you simply by going to the character select screen and logging back in. Here are the new logging messages that we can use to help track down the issue:

  • -stats now shows Str, Con, Dex, Cha, Int,Wis and their base amounts in this format (Base/Total) if you have -debug turned on.
  • When you receive or lose a Rune buff it will tell you the change in a message even without debug on.

These should help determine if you are actually losing stats that you shouldn’t lose when the rune buffs fade. If you are trying to track this happening down, its good to get a base -stats value when you login without buffs and then compare against that throughout the day or when you notice things happening. Just keep in mind gear changes can skew your base results if you are adjusting that.

Bug Fixes

Kent and Orc Fortresses were unable to be sieged due to the tower locations. This has been fixed and they should both be available on Sunday. Due to a player trying to take Kent several times with no one defending Kent, I have manually transfered ownership of Kent to a clan owned by Wizzerd.

Alliance chat was being shared with anyone who has a pending alliance invitation. As soon as this was brought to my attention I have fixed it. It now only works for clans that are accepted allies.

The command -clanrefresh is now able to be used by any member of a clan, not just the clan leader. It also now refreshes all allied clans as well to ensure that it will fix Ally Chat if for some reason allies can’t see the ally chat.

Closing Thoughts
I hope that you guys know your issues/complaints do not fall on deaf ears and I do always try my best to fix them as soon as I am able to. The Instance restoration thing has been a long time coming and it is something I’ve thought long and hard on how to implement with the least amount of potential issues as possible. The way that it has been implemented I believe does achieve this.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

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Nice work, it’s getting there.