Patch Notes 2-28-2016

Tweaks to Instance System

The instance restoring now treats an instance as finished when the chests are spawned. This means that after you open the chest you do not have to wait the 20 seconds to start another instance!

New feature development
I’ve added in some components of a soon to be released feature that will be announced when the system is working properly.

Bug Fixes
To prevent the bug with rune buffs causing negative stats, they are no longer saved on logout. They were never actually restoring the buff amounts on login, so this is no change other than the bug being fixed when the timers expired.

The game freeze issues -SHOULD- be fixed now. I made some major changes to the way the database handles connections to optimize it. I know I’ve said they should be fixed many times now, I’m hoping this time it actually is! Issues like this are really hard to track down as there are no errors no messages nothing telling me what in the world is causing it. I’ve narrowed it down to connectivity to the database, so each restart the past 4-5 months i’ve been tweaking these settings. This time I more than doubled most of the settings allowing the database to be able to utilize more power to ensure it can provide rapid responses to the game server.

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Hell yea awesome!!! Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

Can we get those turkey calls removed from Pandora? Or at least removed from the chance if you donated. Hate to see my $$ go toward a turkey call :money_mouth_face:

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