Patch Notes Catchup December 2017

White Elephant Gift System

  • -gifts to teleport to Great Christmas Tree in Valhalla Trading Zone
  • Obtain Gift item from Ives in -shop
  • When used it spawns Giant Present under great christmas tree for everyone to help kill
  • all hits deal 1 damage
  • When it dies it explodes with Adena, Funny Presents, Weird Presents and Cool Presents for everyone to pick up

Item Changes

  • Sparkling Brooch now has stats for it’s level ups

  • Cyclops doll now adds 5 STR and 500 HP

  • Cheerleader Dolls now add 100 to vitality reward chance. This stacks with blue fire egg dolls and limit applied to cheerleader to only allow 1 cheerleader out at a time.

  • Drake Doll now adds 5% more exp per doll instead of 2%

  • Antharas Weapons now have +1 jewel slot as intended

Bug Fixes

  • Happy buff no longer applies essence buffs, so it should not remove poly or cause issues with essences anylonger

  • Dragon Essence buffs are now stored properly when logging out

  • A timer has been put in place to prevent item deletions form happening within 10 seconds of teleporting. This should prevent any bugs that causes items to disappear from inventory due to bad packets from the client.

  • Moneybombs and White Elephant presents should no longer spawn items in places where players cannot obtain them

Other Changes

  • Soul shot boxes purchased from -warp 1 now have 10k shots in them instead of 1k and the price went up to reflect the increased quantity.

  • Changes were made to prevent non boss monsters from showing up in clan logs