Patch Notes for 4-19-2017

Changes To Easter Event

  • Fixed Crafting for new Easter items
  • Easter Bunny Queen now teleports to you if it gets stuck on a rock
  • New set bonus for the main 5 bunny set items
  • Chance to get Bunny King Ring was increased from 20% to 50% from the Queen

Changes for testing

  • Added support for spawning training dummies based on any monster
  • Adjusted the HP values of monsters in the Legendary Valakas Raid

Other Changes

  • Pagan’s Temple no longer requires a party to enter

What is the new set bonus for the 5 main bunny set items? Assuming this is hat/snuggy/mittens/slippers/ring? Is it listed anywhere?

If you look up one of the 2017 Loyalty Items it tells you the set bonus below. The set is 8 pieces, hat, slippers, mitten, snuggie, ring, earring, golden egg jewel and undies. Has a really good set bonus.

I saw the 8 piece bonus - question is what is the 5 piece bonus

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Has anyone received information on the 5 pc set bonus? Or is this secret information?

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I was just guessing there was only the 8 piece bonus. Maybe someone with a full 5 piece set, ring, snuggie, mittens, hat and boots, could test. I think that at least Samtook has the full 8 piece set, maybe he would test and see if it gives any bonus.

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It should have shown on the database, not sure why it isn’t. Ill look into it later

I will log in now that my OS has updated and see.

Wearing the 4 armor pieces + Bunny Queen Ring I gained 1000/hp and about 400/mp. Also looks to be +8 to each stat. Gained 20 AC and based upon the add to WIS and the +7mr for last itime, i had 82 additional MR.