Patch Notes for 6-17-2014

Rebalancing Changes

Durability of weapon’s effect has been greatly lessened. It now caps off at 25% damage loss at maximum.

Formula for Dex based attacks has been adjusted to be resistible by Strength, Dex and Level rather than just Dex and Level.

The increases to damage by percentage amounts has been changed to a linear increase rather than an exponential increase. This means that the increase happens to a base amount, rather than one after another.

Amelia’s Royal Rattle is corrected to require Level 100 and X grade shots.

What’s a durability of weapons effect? Not grasping it from the description.

It means if your weapon gets damaged by say hitting an iron golem, the most your damage can be reduced is by 25%.

Thanks! That makes sense :slight_smile:

Was this update the one that changed magic damage while using AOE spells? Just when I was starting to get to be able to use AOE, now I can’t again.

Most people will not notice any dmg decrease. For all but a few the damage decrease is less than 3%.

i believe the tier dmg increase ex; 50%,25%,10% is the problem why people are not able to aoe nemore. If the tier dmg increase was exponential before and now linear, most everyone will lose alot of dmg.

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Well you are incorrect as tier damage is not effected by this change other than that its not boosting the missing dmg. Tier damage is still applied to the end numbers, as it was before.