Patch Notes for 6-20-2018

New Commands

-cancel: This command will cast the cancel spell on your character removing your poly and all buffs. This will also allow you to poly into CDK if you had superbrave on but would prefer CDK over superbrave and other equivalent speed buffs.

-reapply: This command will re-apply superbrave speeds if your character has SuperBrave, Lindvior’s Hastening Elixir or Hastening Potion effects on you. If you use the -bufflist command and it shows any of these buffs, then you can get those fast speeds again if you lose them for any reason by typing in this command. Of course remember if you are in a nocdk polymorph it will not work.

Changes to EXP Acquisition

Previous changes to the way exp was acquired broke the way different buffs and items increased the exp. This change made things much better, but made some of the increases seem to effect in different ways than was intended. I’ve changed it so that instead of each stage multiplying on the previous stage, they now add to each other and multiply on the base amount. To make this not cause a huge drop to xp gains, I balanced it out by adding One (100%) to the multiplyer stacks on each stage of xp boosts. So for many people this will increase the exp gain amounts from specific things like dolls or runes.

A bug was also fixed with Luck exp increases which previously prevented luck from giving exp

Changes to SXP Acquisition

There were a few issues found with SXP rewards and how they were processed. The code for this was also a mess from years of adding new sxp boosting items. I decided to follow my previous example from the EXP system and build a new file to handle the way SXP is boosted. It now is done in 3 stages just like EXP. For most people this change will increase the amount of SXP gained from hunting the mobs that reward it.

Rewards to SXP from the Happy Buffs have also increased to 10, 20 and 30% from the previous 1, 5 and 10% gains.

Other Changes

Super Brave is no longer broken by Happy Buffs or GM Buffs. If you lose it through other means don’t forget you can re-apply it with -reapply!

Many misc bugs that were causing issues with some monsters freezing up were fixed

Quest drops programmed in a way that they cannot drop to the ground if your inventory is full

Added the ability to make monsters that Recall you to them rather them teleporting to you.

Fixed the issue that was causing specific bows to not fire magic arrows unless you fired a regular arrow first

Fixed a bug that would cause drops on a monster to bug out when they are spawned.