Patch Notes for 6 -23-2018

Changes to Exp Acquisition

The changes with the restart a few days ago had a few bugs, which partially canceled each other out making it less noticeable. This required for me to once again redo a few blocks of code on how its all added together. In some ways it was reverted to how it was. I’ve also added much cleaner debug logs for GM’s for testing.

Changes to EXP Loss on Death -READ THIS-

Exp loss on death has been nearly pointless as it was being effected by Tier Penalties for exp. This oversight caused the exp loss to be mostly only noticed if you were level 115 or early tiers where you could gain the exp back very quickly. I have made some changes to try to spice up the game play and make trying to stay alive a little more urgent. Here are the changes:

  • Exp loss on death no longer happens if you are T3 and below
  • At T4 you will lose 5% of your current level worth of experience when you die.
  • At T5 you will lose 3% of your current level worth of experience when you die.

It’s not all bad news though, with these changes it will mean that Savior Beads are a little more important. But what about when that delay hits and you end up on the ground anyways… Well, that doesn’t have to be a problem… Introducing Savior Stones:

Protect Stone - This stone is activated similar to savior beads and spell evasion scrolls. Double click it to enable and upon death you will be protected from exp loss. This item is only used in a case where you would otherwise lose exp from dying. So if your savior bead pops, it will not consume a protect stone. Your character will still die, you just will not lose the experience from it.

Now what if you really don’t like someone… and you want to see them lose exp when you kill them… out of spite… Well I’ve got that covered for you too! Introducing the Spite Stone!

Spite Stone - This item works similar to savior beads and spell evasion scrolls. Simply double click it to activate them and again to turn them off. If you have a spite stone active when you kill another player, you will ensure they lose the full amount of experience, even if they are using a protect stone! It will not consume their protect stone, but you will paint a very clear picture of your disapproval of them!

You can obtain both of these new items by talking to the Supplies & Stuff Trader Merchant, Dasha.

Exp Buy Back
This change will cause the exp buy-back system to be back into the picture. The existing buyback system should work to some degree. I’ll look into it and further improve it with a future restart, but I intend to have it cost adena and restore a partial amount of the exp lost on your most recent death.

Other Changes

  • The spell Cancel has been changed to be able to effect ALL buffs except the select few that were not supposed to be removed by it originally. This includes all custom buffs! Absolute Barrier has also been added to the list of removed by cancel as well.

  • Added in a new GM Debug Filter System to make sifting through the debug logs easier. This means I can track down bugs a bit easier and test new features and balance them better.

  • Fixed a bug with Penetration from soul weapons not applying properly when attacking.

The only thing concerning about the significant exp loss upon death is when death happens because of the l1.5 client freeze bug, which happens to me at least once an hour, sometimes twice.

I was not aware the client freeze bug was still happening. What hunting zone is this happening in, and what seems to happen that might cause it?

I will try to figure out a fix for it, if I get enough information about it.

One way to avoid this exp loss is to use the new protect stone though. If it occurs you, with the next restart you can buyback exp with adena or gc using a new Memento Mori item. Just make sure you do this before you die again.

Also keep in mind that savior beads deaths do NOT cause you to lose exp or consume a savior stone. Of course if your bead is on cool-down, it will still cause exp loss.

I dont know why it happens, Ive tried to find a common thread when it does happen but there is no obvious connection. It happens everywhere I hunt, for example, the dailies, sky, the underground. The only thing I do know is that it doesn’t happen if you are not moving, or at least it has never happend to me yet that way. So I would say your characters movement is the only obvious common fteeze bug action.

Ahh that one, it is happening when your character ends up standing in the same spot a monster is in. It happens due to using the right-click, left-click auto attack method more often. If you use the left-click and hold or left-click and drag to the chatbar methods it shouldn’t happen anymore.

I did put in some things that should have reduced the occurrences of the bug a long time ago, I thought that it had fixed it as I hadn’t heard anyone complaining about it happening since then. I’ll look into if there is anything I can do to reduce it further, but its a client bug of not being able to display the sprites correctly when they try to stand in the same spot.