Pending Patch Notes 6-26-18

These changes will take place with the next server restart.

New Item

Memento Mori - Exp Restoration - Remember you will die… that is the translation of the latin words “Memento Mori”. So don’t forget and be prepared by carrying these items with you at all times! These items have the same effect as Exp BuyBack from the npc. They will restore the experience lost from your most recent death. So you can only use this item if you have died and not bought-back your experience yet. Using this item counts as buying back your experience as well. You can find these in the supply shop ran by Dasha.

Npc Changes

[floatl][/floatl] Goddess Agata - This is the npc located in the church in southeast Aden. You can talk to her to restore lost experience from your most recent death.

This restart fixes the bug with Agata to ensure it restores the full amount of experience lost by the most recent death. It also makes the adena cost appropriate to the way the game is now.

The cost to restore experience is based on your level and tier. You can figure out how much adena it will cost you by following this formula:

current_level * current_level * 4000

If you are tier 5 it will additionally increase the adena cost by 50%.

Other Changes