People can use kill with magic through e-bind

Are you going to take action against Sparta abusing the e-bind bug with Slay/Pacifica? I took video of three occasions in fighting today where they used it, but the files are fairly large to upload (about 200 megabytes each).

finally someone other than me can vouch for sparta abusing stupid ebind bug!

post the videos on youtube and post the links here

I’d rather not throw some of my character information out there, but I’m going to PM you the video link once it’s uploaded.

Man up pussy! Stop QQing.

How bout you stop using the tele exploit everytime you run away from us and maybe we wont have to bind your pussy ass. Stop bitching and man the fuck up you piece of shit.

First off, Korean, this is not in the FYAD board, so keep your trash talk out of it. Second off, I have viewed the video and skeleton clearly does kill him while he is bound exploiting this bug. Which is a legit complaint and not just QQing. Thirdly don’t double post especially when neither of your posts contribute to the topic in a way that fits the category.

Lol sorry sir, thought it was ok becuase I did see trash talking in an earlier gm Q&A and as per the double post thats due to internet lag and regards to the QQing I only said that becuase they bringing up new bugs while exploiting old ones.

This bug is now completely fixed. Archiving the topic.