Playing Lineage with dual screens

Was thinking about getting a 2nd screen i have 2 at work and its awesome!

Does Lineage work on 2 screens? or do i need some sort of program?

I can’t remember exactly. I think it works on the main screen but the 2nd screen won’t. Or it won’t work on the 2nd screen at all.

Maybe with multi video cards or something?

Zaj prob knows. I’m sure he has multi screens.

I use two monitors and Allison is right. It will only come up on the main screen when you go to full screen mode. It also messes up my 2nd screen where a lot of the screen isn’t visible. I had to mess around sizing and locating programs I wanted on the second screen until I could get a partial view what I wanted to see. Don’t know if others get the same result but that is how it works on my PC.

Thanks for that, not so useful it seems :slight_smile:

play in window mode with multiple monitors and its great

One for zajako character, and one for doyerbest! lol j/k :slight_smile:

Can you resize the windows? I remember a long time ago you couldn’t. And it was stuck at the aspect ratio of the game which is abysimal to play on.

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I believe you have 3 options for sizing in the game set up. Unfortunately for me all of the windows modes are real choppy which makes it impossible to use for game play.

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alt F2 resizes the windows as breeze describes

I still have no problem playing in window mode, with Windosw 7 Ultimate, I leave a couple of solutions to open more than one account without the need for several monitors, for those who are not so lucky.

1 Simply play on the full screen, without minimizing. It is somewhat annoying, since it does not allow to see the two windows at the same time, but it is a solution.

2 The second is to run the game, or at least the other “copies” in sandbox mode or in a virtual machine, the first can give problems in some cases, but the second does not, at least not because of my experience.

I hope it helps, greetings, GL & Good hunt ^^

Yea I got win10 an when I play two accounts on windows mode eventually one freezes but thanks I will try some of this options haha or maybe just have two pc :roll_eyes: