Playing on MAC 10.10.x

Hey guys,

Has anyone found a way to run this thing on 10.10.x. Home for Xmas and would love to take advantage of this 3x EXP event but I don’t have my PC. I tried VirtualBox, but it asked me to insert a Windows install CD which I don’t have. Please let me know, thanks. Ah, and Merry Christmas!

torrenting window 7 iso

lol is that why u are not logging in DRANNON WE FUCKIN WORRIED ABOUT U try os x one here

I’m alive bro - I’m new to this whole Mac thing, just bought one for Xmas. I might just wait until when I’m back in Cali to play. This whole Mac OS thing is confusing as hell. Merry Xmas to you!

set up bootcamp for your mac. This will let you login to your mac with windows. From there you can play the game as normal.