Possible Issue with Hit Points on T5 Knight

Not sure if this is an issue or how it was meant to be. I went T5 at about level 112, as a reaper I had over 15000 hit points. Now that I am back to being a knight at level 70 my hit points are a little under 10000 with same gear as I was using at T4. Which means with my average level up of about 40 hit points I will only be at about 11500 hit points when if I reach level 112 again. Another thing that seems odd about it is that I get an average 90 Mana Points per level but only 40 hit points. I also used 2 ultra elixers at T5 and did not get the 200 hit points from either one. My Con and Wis are both 40.

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I also notice as t5 knight my hp is lower

Can confirm, took an ultra today on my t5 knight and did not get any additional HP - stayed the same. Zaj please address this issue

You dont get any hp/mp bonus for using Ultra Elixers when you are T5. Omega Elixers do though.

You also lose the hp/mp bonuses you get from Ultras each time you Reaper or Tier up.

Really? I had not paid too much attention until seeing this post - and it was my understanding ultra HP stayed whether you tier or not? I can’t find any posts or updates saying ultras do not add HP at t5??

I verified that with clan members.

My understanding is that any HP you got from Ultras were lost after tiering up. Does suck that you cannot gain HP using Ultras at T5. Didn’t know that. Definitely stupid not to allow HP using them.

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This makes no sense - t5 players have lower HP than they did at t4/t3??


totally agree. think it is a terrible idea and doesn’t make sense to not allow t5 to have the bonus for ultras.

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It was always my impression, and I’m too lazy to comb the forums, that upon tiering you lose and additional hp/mp you had gained during that previous from ultras.

However I never heard or read any info on the hp/mp bonus not effecting t5 people till now. I would assume this is a bug. Wtf would the point of it being to essentially penalize people who spent all that time getting t5?!

Also, shouldn’t all t5 peeps be able to use reaper spells or brave pots?


Umm yeah, why would anyone even use Ultras then? Might as well just use Ultrums. Unless you are buying from people, but I thought the reasoning behind them being more expensive is that they were traceable AND you gained HP/MP. I can see loosing the HP/MP when you tier up (kinda) but you also don’t get the HP/MP when used at Tier 5 AND the stats seem to be adding less points?


It was always know that when you turn T5 you lost all of the HP and MP from ultras and you don’t get any bonuses using ultras at T5

My only issue with this is that once upon a time players would choose to either take ultrum for 2 etokens or save for 3 for an ultra. Many of us saved for the extra hp thinking it would be worth it - long before additional tiers beyond 3 were a thing

I feel what you are saying. I may is 40 all stats, I can;t tell you how many ultras I had to take to do that and I have none of that hp and mp. Even noob chars with the event samurai set have over 10k hp.

That event set is so good that many t5’s are wearing it and not even using x gear. No grind needed on x gear. Just take a walk around shop and see how many samurais you see.