Pouches & Greater Soul Enchants

Two new sets of items were released with yesterday’s restart. One extremely handy, the other makes enchanting S80 and below soul equipment a bit more friendly at the higher enchant amounts.

Pouches and the “belt loop” slot
There is now a new equipment slot called the “belt loop” strangely it does not require you even wear a belt (though maybe in the future it should/could.) This slot allows you to equip a pouch item that acts as a portable, personal warehouse, that is character specific. The items placed in here, are not access-able by your other characters on your account, or anyone else for that matter, only the character who has/placed the items in the pouch. The way it works is as follows.

  1. The player obtains the pouch
  2. The player double clicks and equips the pouch
  3. Upon double clicking the pouch after equipping it pops up a window that allows you to store and retrieve items from/to the pouch similar to how you would with a warehouse.

There are no adena fees for storing and removing items from a pouch.

Now, one might ask, “Zajako, if double clicking the pouch opens a window, how do I un-equip the pouch?”, which is a good question. You need to see Frintezza’s Seamstress to remove an equipped pouch, you can only do so after you take the items out of the pouch. If for some reason something happens and the pouch is un-equipped due to a bug, dying and dropping it due to chao or any other strange reason. Fear not. You will not lose your items, the person who might pick it up will not gain your items (aside from the pouch), your items are still safely tied to your character. All you must do is simply obtain a new pouch and equip it. Then your items will be available once more.

Finally onto the list of pouch types and their inherent sizes.

  • Low-Grade Pouch - 25 Slots
  • Mid-Grade Pouch - 50 Slots
  • High-Grade Pouch - 75 Slots
  • Top-Grade Pouch - 100 Slots

Currently the only pouch available to obtain is the Low-Grade pouch which is in the gift master and clan stores. Eventually there will be an in game quest to obtain the low-grade pouch and quests/items to upgrade the low-grade into the better pouches.

If you have any other pouch related questions please reply to this topic and I will try my best to answer them as they come.

Greater Soul Enchants

Okay, so a long long time ago (on a server not so far away?) Soul enchants used to only have penalties to the SXP on the weapon when they failed. This caused problem with power growth of weapons due to the fact that soul enchants were dropping a-plenty. When things were this way it allowed weapons to get crazy OP. This was nerfed a long time ago by making it so weapons have a chance of losing an enchant level upon failure. Face it, the way enchants were designed for the original game, +9 was crazy strong. With proc rates and other factors being effected by enchants with L1.5, it only made it worse. Adjustments to the way enchantment damage had to be fixed due to many weapons being upwards of 100+ enchantments. So now that balancing has been done to these soul weapons to make it so +127 (on a non x weapon) isn’t crazy OP anymore, why should weapons still be penalized with the chance of -1 on fail? Well, because there are still WAY too many soul enchants on the server. So anyone could spam their enchants and even if it takes time leveling the weapon back up on failure, eventually get the weapon to +200 or even +400. Instead I have a better solution. Introducing… Greater Soul Enchants (clever name, I know…)

Greater Soul Enchantment: Weapon and Armor scrolls were created. These are crafted by trading in old soul enchantment scrolls for them with the npc Zeld Archos located on Island of Prayer. You can trade 10 Soul Enchantment Scrolls + 25 million for 1 Greater Soul Enchant Scroll or 3 Blessed Soul Enchantment Scrolls + 25 million for 1 Greater Soul Enchant.

Now to explain what these new scrolls do differently. Between +10 - +100 the chance of reducing the enchant value of the weapon is 0 when using this enchant. That is the only difference. So before +10 and after +100, it would be a waste to use a Greater Soul Enchant scroll. You will also lose SXP the same way you would with any other scroll as well. There may, or may not be other scrolls in the future that adjust the other factors, but this scroll does not add any more chance or anything special otherwise.

Well, thats a lot of text and a different style than I usually use to announce new things, but what the hey, I was in the mood to be chatty with this announcement :wink:

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
Grind on!


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When a scroll “does nothing” you lose 50,000 sxp. Is that a bug?

failed enchants still lose sxp

Not failed scrolls, those lose SXP according to the Enchantment Chart. Scrolls that “Do Nothing”, neither fail nor +enchant a weapon. When that happens items lose 50,000 sxp, regardless of the enchantment level of the weapon. I would think that is a bug…

no clue if this happens to armor. i don’t enchant armor.