Preferences Regarding a boost for Mages [VOTE]

I’ve decided to strengthen mages either by re-coding the way debuffs are resisted or by tweaking the damage formula to increase the spell damages a bit while still maintaining the new way multipliers work. I may do both eventually, but I wanted to know from the players which they would prefer I focus on.

  • My MAIN is a Mage, I vote for Debuffs being more useful
  • My ALT is a Mage, I vote for Debuffs being more useful
  • I’m NOT a Mage, I vote for Debuffs being more useful
  • My MAIN is a Mage, I vote for higher damage
  • My ALT is a Mage, I vote for higher damage
  • I’m NOT a Mage, I vote for higher damage
  • I don’t care either way

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The results are pretty clear. I’m gonna try to implement an improvement to mage damage this weekend.

There are two words that will describe how I’ll do this in a way that is balanced…

Magic Criticals

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Well Im still new to the layout of L1.5 and I very much enjoy playing or I wouldn’t be donating, I am not new to lineage I played live I started in the fall of 97’ played till 2010. I loved the game but the “bots” really killed. Anyway Mages are a fun class but hope they dont get to the point were 99.9 % of the server are mages. And really hope we can draw more players to this game. And cudos to zak for taking his time and effort to make a home for us lineage loving player’s , he’s done an amazing job. And while im at it . Are there a way or maybe a page added to the guide page . Theres a ton of different items in game armor, weps, i.e. ect to help new players out and whats good and whats not for diffent classes? Its really confusing. And a big shout out to a player Samtook he helped me in a big way and went above and beyond to help me get started. Thanks !! For a great server hopefully for many years to come .

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Well, one good way to get information that isn’t on the guide is to post questions on these boards. We do have folks who will respond. The 2017 bunny set, although long to level, is a great set for new players. But feel free to ask here and in game. Folks generally are open to answer questions about gear, hunting areas, etc.

SamTook!!! , This is Nazar !!! Thanks for helping me out this past week !!! Hope your on when I get off work tonight I’ll be in game around 1am east coast , I have a new wep to show you !!!

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I think spell with longer cool down should do more damage but not one shot the player with top gears.

Is there a way to defend mage debuff? I have 1400 MR and still got debuff easily by top mage. Only the jew is helping.

Is there also a way to defend elf earth debuff?

Would be nice if there is some gears can defend mage n elf debuff while losing other stats like damage. I d rather lose ton of damage than getting debuffed. once i m debuffed then i m done lol