Preview of the 2014 Thanksgiving Wheel

I’ve worked very hard to improve upon the previous gift coin wheels to make this one much smoother and a much more fun experience for the players.

Here is a preview image of the wheel in all its glory:

I’ll notate some changes just in case its hard to tell the difference.

  • The initial items on the wheel before your first spin are randomized rather than just being the top items
  • You select a character to store the prizes on rather than them being sent to your warehouse
  • You can see how many inventory spaces are left on the selected character
  • There are now free spins that can be used for the same odds and items as gift coins
  • The items now have borders and look much prettier
  • The item images are bigger
  • When you spin the wheel, it shows a prize image in the center instead of just text
  • Many bugs and tweaks were made to make the whole thing run way smoother

The wheel will be released tonight at midnight, the delivery of free spins will happen this evening.

Good Luck!
Have Fun!

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Looks good!!!

Looking forward to it!