Problem with Dragon Essence

I just spent 27 GC on a valakas essence. Logged out to take care of something, logged back in, and 4 seconds later, my buff is gone.

This needs to be addressed.

Very very lame. Especially spending 27 GC on it.

You guys are way behind the times. Already talked to zaj about it and he was looking at a fix

Thx for the heads up nub… cuz everyone knows your convos. Unless you’re in game 24/7 a lot is missed. Things like that should be posted on forums for everyone to see.

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Lol if it’s something that affects me guarantee zaj will know about it 1 second after I do :stuck_out_tongue:

@zajako is this going to get fixed? Or was it fixed?

No sense in buying essence if its going to go away when I restart. I NEVER have time to sit down and play for entire duration and not spending 3$ each time I want to use it for a short period of time.

I have implemented a fix for this. They were always intended to be saved with restart, but apparently were bugged. Next restart should have it working properly.

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