Procs and S80 skills

A rework of the current S80 class skills would be nice. Elf, Knight, DE, and Royal skills are mediocre at best. Well, the Royal heal is actually quite nice. New Tier specific skills would be great for each class as well. This would bring a lot more dimension to pvp, and keep things interesting. It would be great to see a stronger poison spell, that wasn’t resisted 100% by the Reaper buffs, or even a “bleed” skill, where you take damage over time. Any DoT (damage over time) skills that do significant damage would be awesome, really. Maybe a root type skill, where the target can’t move, but can still swing and cast. A teleport to target skill would be awesome as well, non usable through walls, of course.

The current S80 skills were created while T1, would be nice to see T2, T3, T4 or T5 class skills.

Royal S80 heal actually isn’t all that compare to the other class skills, when originally created the skill was nice with massive heal, and low mp. Without a mana leech wep, any royal casting this skill will quickly have a mana issue especially trying to keep up with a player with a massive amount of hp.

The changes to elemental resist, I think may make the Elf S80 skill nice.

The Knight and DE S80 have nice range, maybe an increase to the damage it causes would be nice

Long ago, I believe there was talk about a new Mage skills that work like the royal “call bp mbr”. The teleport to target skill I do believe is already in game for royal “tele to bp mbr”

and there was also talk about new root type skills, I believe for DE and/or Knight

It would be nice to re-make “The professional (s80)” stats. After all, it is the first donation event ever in this server!! smile:

Rather than seeing a damage boost to skills like the DE s80 I would rather see an ease in castability, a simple mouse wheel click isn’t enough to cast the spell so you can’t cast and swing fluidly (though the damage is also very lackluster as well or at least too erratic for my taste).

And in reference to UMF’s suggestion for remake I would also like to see something similar for the fangs of destiny their stats are cringe worthy especially for a 2h weapon.