PSS, Shoulder Enchants, Soul Seal and More!

As the title of this post suggests, this is a large update with a lot of new systems. So I’m gonna break down each system and explain them. Click this link to read about the events going on this month

Soul Seal System

This is probably the most requested feature in the history of L1.5 Finally released. For a long time I’ve pondered the best way to implement this, so much so that I thought it was in game for a long time… Well now it is. I’ll explain what it is and how it works now…

What is the Soul Seal System?

When gaining Soul Experience it divides the gained sxp across all equipped soul equipment. So if you gain 100 sxp and have 5 soul items equipped that are not yet at max level, each will gain 20 sxp. The problem with this is if you are trying to focus on leveling just one piece, you are forced to unequip the other 4 items to speed it up, often weakening your character, limiting where you can hunt.

This system allows you to seal the sxp gains for the 4 items you don’t want to gain sxp, allowing the full amount of sxp (in this example 100sxp) goto the one item that is not soul sealed.

That's great! How does it work?

When you use a Soul Sealer Scroll (details below), it prompts you to select a target item, use this on any non sealed soul armor or weapon, to make them sealed. If you use it on an already sealed soul item, it will unseal it. (Use it once to seal, use it again to unseal)

You can verify what items are sealed by equipping it and using the command -soulinfo. If it is sealed, you’ll see [SoulSealed] on the right side of the item name.

Any sealed items are treated similar to if it were max level as far as sxp gains are concerned. Meaning it will not gain sxp from any method and also not count when dividing the sxp across the other equipped items.

How do I get these Soul Seal Scrolls?

Currently you can only find the scrolls in the new mini game explained in the next post (Gacha Game), however in the future they will likely be added to one of the shops in Valhalla, possibly some other places as well.

PSS (Player Support System) Alpha Release

Player Support is a feature added with the HD client that has been disabled, until now. This feature is very alpha and may be disabled in the future if abused or deemed a negative impact to the server.

What is PSS?
PSS is a system that helps automate some features of your character, like hunting monsters, using healing potions, buff items, summoning dolls and more.
Why is it alpha?
It is in alpha because most of the interface is poorly translated, doesn't support custom items yet and may or may not work properly in some situations.
How do I use it?
Using PSS requires the blessing of the Hands of Fate. You can get this buff by using the Hands of Fate item. This buff lasts 1 hour and stacks, allowing you to increase your time running it.

With this buff, you can click on the small window near the bottom and click the play button to pop up the play support window. From there you can click start to make it begin.

There are many more advanced features of this system and a guide will need to be made to explain a lot of them. I will not go into more details here, but you can request help in discord if you need help figuring it out.

Shoulder Enchants Updated

Shoulder aka Pauldron enchant scrolls now work properly on the correct items. Also added to the server with this restart is a Blessed and Protection version of these scrolls. You can get these scrolls from the mini games released this month.

New Items

[floatl][/floatl] Soul Sealer Scroll - This scroll toggles the ability to gain SXP on Soul Weapons or Armors, allowing you to focus sxp gains on specific items.

[floatl][/floatl] Hands of Fate - This scroll enables the PSS system for 1 hour and when used multiple times stacks the timer.

[floatl][/floatl] Blessed Pauldron Enchant Scroll - If enchant fails while using this scroll, it will reset to +0 instead of being destroyed.

[floatl][/floatl] Protection Pauldron Enchant Scroll - If enchant fails while using this scroll nothing happens.