Question about Dragon Knight

I have heard from several people that no one bothers to play a dragon knight. I was wondering why that is?

Specifically, I am curious if the class is broken some how in the higher tiers, and for that reason would not be worth leveling?

Thank you to everyone in advance for any information you can provide.

They have boosts to dual swords and some other things. In the end game they are much stronger than early on due to their T5 skill which is pretty powerful.

We might be talking about 2 different classes.:slight_smile: Wouldn’t dual swords be a dark elf thing, or do dragon knights use dual swords as well?

Sorry I meant to say Double Handed Swords, 2HS

Ah, gotcha!

Thank you for the information. I was just curious because I am actually enjoying the dragon knight, but there don’t seem to be many people playing them.

I just wanted to make sure the class was viable before continuing to level up.

If you get it to T5 the T5 skill greatly increases crit, crit dmg and gives you superbrave speed.

What’s the duration of their spell? That sounds awesome

But there are no DK or Illusionist end game weps, but maybe that doesn’t matter. Dunno. Gogo T5 and let us know!


Ask Frosty about it. His alt t5 is (or maybe was) DK.

I won’t spoil it.

Pretty sure frosty quit before he got t5 spell but from what zaj has told me it gives 5x crit damage, probably a 10min buff like the rest and since crit is still bugged it’s probably op as fuck. They also have a melee triple hit skill so combined with sbrave the class is atleast playable with t5 spell, still waiting for illusionist to be good though

lol 10minutes sb i would take that anytime hahahah easy as fuck to do dailes actually is cheaper to do dailies then buy cookies for sb bad thing no healing for dk an everything is op for you nub beside mages LOL hahahahahha

I’ve already proven crit is broken so yeah it is op. Think what you like but you guys have it easy lmfao, longest standing overpowered bugs have been on crits

Crit would most likely be 10mins, hopefully superbrave wouldn’t last that long otherwise definitely op