Question about Moralltach

I just recently leveled a moralltach to level 30 and was exited that it would get an extra proc however after using it I am not having good luck with it. When it proc’s fury I take an insane amount of damage that more than negates the extra damage that the fury does. As a knight without constant heals it makes it impossible to hunt even medium strength mobs if there are a lot of them hitting you without heals. I have never heard any other comments like this so I am wondering if anyone else has this issue. I know that when it was lvl 29 I had no problems in certain areas and now they are extremely difficult at lvl 30.

I can only assume that this proc is for people who have highly enchanted gear from the olden days which supports 1000s of dr.

Tiered mops make DR somewhat useless now, they all do a set minimum so even if u have 300-400dr they still hit and hurt.

As for the mort idk man, there are a ton of people that have it at level 30 and this is the first I’ve heard about it doing too much negative damage. Maybe most people have lvl 5 topaz so they regen more? Or maybe people only use it for boss hunting and admit it’s gonna hurt anyway.

I spam the shit out of VT when killing bosses and still take an insane amount of damage with i2h and using xlites at the same time. Idk how anyone kills any bosses with out VT…unless they are gonna use xmed/xhigh potions. Which is dumb to me to have to use to kill a boss with gear and mr I have

Just an example of the damage that I take with 258 DR.Naughty Iceman at Christmas land Without Fury Proc 100-150 damage with fury proc 350-1200 damage. With the ivory tower instance boss at only the Normal setting I take over 3000 damage in a single hit. I guess my point is that it was a great weapon for me when it was level 29 but now the only way that I survive is because I made a bunch of G-Heal scrolls that I will eventually run out of and without them it is suicide. I am also using a level 5 topaz. I can see it being a little better when my hp are higher right now they are 6800 but still the damage that I take is between 200-800% more than before the proc for an extra 50% damage which is my issue. Per a comment that is in the library for this weapon it says when fury active you take 100% damage which it feels like I have no AC, DR and No MR. it hurts as bad as the Negative MR/Stat bug that we were having and that is what I first thought it was but it is not.

That is becauuse that weapon is so far and away the best damage weapon that everyone would just switch to a knight and completely unbalance the game. I feel the same way about the new tier 5 elf skill, but I don’t complain because I kind of realize that it might have the potential to unbalance things…although I would love it…lol